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Headery CBD review
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Headery is a CBD brand that’s focused on two things: sleep and wellness. Hailing from stony Denver, Colorado, this company has committed to providing you with plant-based solutions for life’s everyday stressors. They specialize entirely on full-spectrum tinctures, giving customers three different options to choose from: Good Morning, Snooze, and Legacy. Each one of these tinctures is special in their own right, but we’ll get more into that later.

The products themselves are packaged beautifully with juxtaposing designs so you never get them confused. But, what we like most about Headery isn’t even their yummy tinctures, but their commitment to CBD research.

Out of every ten tinctures sold, Headery donates one bottle to the McMaster University to help further cannabidiol and cannabis science research. For such a small, niche CBD company, their dedication is quite impressive.

Headery’s all-natural (and potent) CBD tinctures taste just as you’d think a pure cannabidiol oil would taste: quite herbaceous. Not too overwhelmingly earthy and still formulated to be an appealing texture on the tongue, the natural flavor of these full-spectrum CBD oils can easily be overlooked — the same could be said about their effect, which isn’t felt full-on following consumption yet provides noticeable residual effects that seem to last for a couple days. With their Good Morning oil being in vibrant yellow packaging, and their Snooze a calming baby blue, mixing up the two becomes almost impossible. Though their products are few and far between, Headery has seemed to found their niche in the cannabis industry, and they sure are doing it well.
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What's Good
Promoting overall health and wellness
Aiding with sleep
Stress relief
Mixed in your morning coffee
What's Bad
Scarce product variety
Very plant-like flavor

Technical Details

CBD Strength:300-900mg
THC Content:<0.3%
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Cannabis Type:Hemp
Extraction Method:CO2
Product Types:CBD Oil
Manufactured:Denver, CO

Editor’s Picks

  • Recently, Headery cracked open their CBD vault to re-release their 300mg Legacy CBD oil. A bit more mild than their other products, this gentler tincture is the perfect option for those just wanting to get started with either CBD or Headery in general.
  • For ultimate health and wellness support, we recommend purchasing the Duo set of CBD oils. The Duo contains both Good Morning and Snooze CBD oils to give your body the perfect yin and yang of CBD.

Headery Good Morning CBD Oil

Headery Good Morning CBD oil

Rise and shine! Headery’s 900mg Good Morning CBD oil is the perfect way to start your day. By adding a few drops into your morning coffee (or under your tongue if you don’t mind the flavor), this full-spectrum CBD oil is meant to give you a no-bullshit, straightforward CBD experience. With zero added ingredients or artificial flavors, the first thing you’re getting in the morning is purity and potency.

CBD oil by Headery brand

Product Summary

There’s no better way to start your day than with a few drops of this vibrant CBD oil. Designed specifically to be consumed in the morning, this all-natural CBD oil works to provide long-lasting sensations of calm, stability, and motivation. The 900mg Good Morning oil contains a wide range of cannabinoids, stretching far beyond just CBD. With the help of CBC, CBG, and various delicious terpenes, Headery’s put the entourage effect into full force. If you find yourself struggling in the morning to find drive, or feel your performance suffer as the day goes on, this is the product for you. By adding some of this potent oil into your coffee or tea, we felt comforted (and motivated) almost all day long.


  • Sparking motivation 
  • Supporting internal balance and stability
  • Reduces daily stress
  • Added into drinks/foods


  • Slightly strong flavor
CBD:900mg (30mg/dose)
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Price: $69.99 ($0.08/mg)
Lab Report:
Good For:#Relaxing, #Stress
Effects Felt:Relaxed, Energized

Headery Snooze CBD Oil

Headery Snooze CBD oil

Give yourself the restorative, deep sleep you deserve through Headery’s 900mg Snooze CBD oil. Made with all-encompassing full-spectrum CBD oil combined with a healthy dose of melatonin, this tincture is tasked with helping to re-regulate your body’s circadian rhythm, eventually allowing for a more appropriate sleep/wake cycle even without a few drops of Snooze.

Since there aren’t any added ingredients, you’re provided a flavor that’s quite natural–whether that’s positive or negative is up to you. While we aren’t a huge fan of the plant-like notes, they do pair perfectly within your herbal tea before bedtime. So, if you need to catch some extra Z’s and don’t feel like tossing and turning, drop some Snooze beneath your tongue.

CBD oil for sleep

Product Summary

To help make sleep be as effortless as it should, Headery has modified their Good Morning formula to make each night a Snooze, with their 900mg CBD oil. Snooze is made out of the exact same all-natural ingredients as their daytime oil but with an extra-special added element: melatonin.


  • Assisting with sleep
  • Promoting rest and relaxation
  • Non-drowsy
  • Within herbal teas


  • Plant-like flavor
CBD:900mg (30mg/dose)
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Price: $69.99 ($0.08/mg)
Lab Report:
Good For:#Sleep, #Relaxing
Effects Felt:Calm, Sleepy