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CBD drinks from Flyers Cocktail Co.
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It’s quite common for people to turn to alcohol when they want to feel something other than what they’re experiencing. But, this can lead to super uncomfortable hangovers the next day, making you feel worse than before you took a sip. Thankfully, Flyers Cocktails are your perfect solution.

These CBD-based beverages don’t contain any alcohol; however, they contain many of the same cocktail ingredients that you know and love. So, they taste like an alcohol-free version of your favorite cocktail, but they still help you feel more supported, comfortable, and relaxed from head to toe. And, of course, all without any hangover effects.

CBD infused cocktails
Photo: Mell Green / CBD Oracle

Right now, Flyers Cocktail Co. only offers three different cocktail flavors, but they’re each unique and pack quite a punch flavor-wise. I will say that if you’re someone who typically turns to fruity, sweet cocktails, you’re not going to enjoy Flyers very much.

These drinks have much drier, more bitter flavors that are ideal for those who enjoy spritzers or old fashions. Nonetheless, if you’re someone looking to avoid alcohol for the night but still want to feel present and calm, Flyers Cocktails are a genuinely great CBD beverage to sip on.

Flyers Cocktails offer their 20 mg full-spectrum cocktails in three different flavors: BKLN Gold, Sydney Spritz, and Tokyo Marg. They sell their four-packs for $19.98, and you can get mixed packs if you want to try all their different flavors. With the use of full-spectrum CBD instead of broad, I found these drinks to hit quickly and they provided full-body effects like anxiety and stress relief, as well as a feeling of overall balance. I would highly recommend these cocktails to anyone that needs a break from booze.
What's Good
Classic cocktail-like flavors
Easy to sip on
Affordably priced at $19.98 for a four-pack
Extensive team and background information available
Partners with the Last Prisoner Project
Offers full-panel lab tests
What's Bad
COAs are from August 2022
Flavors are strong; may not be everyone’s cup of tea
Only three options to choose from, all very dry

Brand Specs

CBD Strength:Mild
THC Content:<0.3%
Product Types:Beverage
Cannabinoid Types:CBD
BBB Rating:N/A
Similar Brands:Vybes, Cycling Frog

Editor’s Pick

Out of all of Flyers’ drink options, my favorite had to be the Tokyo Marg. I won’t give away too much information (as the full review is down below), but I will say that this fruity yet spicy drink offers a perfect flavor combination for those who enjoy sipping on drier drinks. This cocktail tastes just like the real thing, and I could feel the CBD start to work once I was about halfway through my drink. My body felt more comfortable and I was so much more relaxed than prior to drinking. It was a great option for helping me feel more social without the next-day anxiety (or pain) that comes from drinking.

Flyers Sydney Spritz

Are you a spritz lover? Then get ready to crack open one of Flyers Cocktails’ Sydney Spritz drinks. These cannabis cocktails contain 20 mg of full-spectrum CBD, as well as botanical bitters and mandarin. The drink’s flavors are subtle yet bright, helping you feel like you’re walking on the beach. And, at only 60 calories and zero alcohol, there’s absolutely no guilt in consuming this drink — at any time of day. Flyers offers this cocktail in a four-pack for just $19.98.

CBD cocktail Sydney Spritz


The Syndey Spritz from Flyers Cocktails is bright, dry, and very refreshing. It’s not sweet at all, so you shouldn’t go into it with that expectation. Instead, this cocktail will remind you of a classic spritzer, but without the burn of alcohol. It still has some bright bitter flavors with each sip, and the herbal notes from the hemp add a layer of uniqueness that cannot be replicated. After about 15 minutes, I noticed that my anxiety had reduced significantly and I felt more at ease where I was at. This made me think these cocktails would be great for social situations where you don’t want to feel on edge.

Flyers Tokyo Marg

Flyer’s Tokyo Marg is a Yuzu margarita that has nice hints of chili in each sip — but absolutely no alcohol, of course. This sparkling beverage is extremely flavorful, providing both fruity and spicy notes in every drink you take thanks to the Yuzu, bitter orange, and chili. The Tokyo Marg also contains 20 mg of full-spectrum CBD to provide you with long-lasting, full-body effects that kick in within about 15-30 minutes.

CBD non-alcoholic cocktail by Flyers


As someone who typically loves a dry or spicy margarita, I fell in love with Flyers’ Tokyo Marg. This cannabis cocktail had more flavor than most drinks you get at the bar, and it’s only about a quarter of the price. The Toyko Marg was both tasty and potent, helping me feel more upbeat and comfortable when being out of my comfort zone. I loved sipping on this drink even around those who were drinking alcohol, as I didn’t feel left out! Instead, I felt cool, calm, and collected — even the next morning.

Flyers BKLN Gold

It’s hard to beat the flavors of the BKLN Gold cannabis cocktail from Flyers. This oak, vanilla, and bitters-based drink offers slightly sweet flavors alongside deep, full-bodied notes of wood and earthiness. Like the other beverages, the BKLN Gold contains 20 mg of full-spectrum CBD and comes in a four-pack for just $19.98.

CBD infused beverage for replacing alcohol


Out of all the Flyers Cocktails, the BLKN Gold is the one with the deepest, sweetest flavors. In a sense, this cocktail reminded me of a sparkling old fashion because of the woody oak notes hidden inside. I took a few big swigs of this drink and noticed that my body felt more relaxed and slightly heavier after about 10 minutes. Then, once I finished the drink, I was totally decompressed and no longer focused on my stressors from the day. With this slightly sweet drink, it seemed as though everything on my to-do list was suddenly possible.