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ECO Therapy CBD products review
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ECO Therapy is a CBD brand that you can trust wholeheartedly. Right off the bat, all of the information you could want or need about a CBD brand is right there for you to read. You’re not left wondering anything about extraction, hemp sourcing, product ingredients, or even quality.

Even though ECO Therapy CBD doesn’t have a huge line of products — they only offer vapes and mints — the products that they do have work incredibly well. They categorize their vapes in three different types and each one offers unique benefits that fall in line with what ECO Therapy claims they’ll do. Overall, this CBD is a breath of fresh — extremely high-quality — air.

ECO Therapy is one of the most transparent, high-quality CBD brands you’ll find. They don’t use any additives like MCT oil or Vitamin E acetate in their vapes; instead, it’s pure CBD oil and natural terpenes. They only have a small range of products, but because of their top-shelf ingredients and extraction process, these products work beautifully — and quickly, too. The vapes are a bit on the pricey side, but more than worth it for their effects.
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What's Good
Transparent about extraction, hemp sourcing
Uses high-quality, pure ingredients
Potent, fast-acting results
Quality, sustainable packaging
What's Bad
Small line of products
Slightly pricey
ECO Therapy

Technical Details

CBD Strength:Medium
THC Content:0%
Extract Type:Broad-Spectrum
Extraction Method:Whole Plant Infusion
Product Types:CBD Vapes, CBD Mints
Hemp Origin:California
Sustainable Packaging:Reusable, Recyclable, Compostable
Additives:No PG, VG, MCT, or Vitamin E Acetate
Similar Brands:Whisl, Bloom Farms, Dr. Dabber, Extract Labs

Editor’s Pick

  • ECO Therapy’s CBD Mint bundle is by far the best way to experience the unique benefits of their refreshing edibles. While we’re all used to CBD-infused gummies, finding a quality CBD mint isn’t easy. But, though subtle, these mints sure do get the job done. The Relax mints were wonderful for taking when I needed to decompress, while the Revive mints gave me a dose of energy and uplifting motivation. At only 10 mg of CBD per mint, I couldn’t believe how effective these discreet edibles were.

ECO Therapy CBD Vape Pen (Relax)

ECO Therapy Relax CBD vape pen

ECO Therapy’s 500 mg broad-spectrum Relax vape is intended for you to puff on whenever you need a dose of relaxation throughout the day. I’m often cautious when it comes to relax-themed CBD products, as they tend to make me more sleepy than anything.

However, this wasn’t the case. This subtle, mint-flavored vape immediately relaxed my muscles and helped my mind unwind comfortably. I was still able to function without fatigue and the rest of my day was smooth sailing. Plus, I enjoyed the subtleness of the mint flavor overall.

THC-free CBD vape pen for relaxing


ECO Therapy’s Relax vape pen looks like any other vape you’ve tried — but it sure works a lot better. This Relax vape does exactly what it’s meant to: help you relax. I noticed effects on my muscles and joints immediately, and then the relaxation slowly moved to my mind, too. After just a few minutes, I was relaxed, focused, and able to finish my day without excess stress. This disposable vape comes with a hint of mint flavor that’s not too overwhelming and quite pleasant.


  • Effects felt: Calm, comfortable, focused, stress-free
  • Good for: Promoting calm, relaxation, focus
  • Not good for: Those wanting THC


  • CBD: 500mg
  • THC: 0%
  • Extract type: Broad-Spectrum
  • Price: $49.95
  • Lab report: COA

ECO Therapy CBD Vape Pen (Revive)

ECO Therapy Revive CBD vape pen

If you’re a fan of citrus vapes, you’re going to love ECO Therapy’s Revive vape. This disposable vape comes with subtle hints of citrus in each puff, all while helping to uplift your mood. The Revive vape is a great option for midday pick-me-ups or even morning consumption, as it helped me feel more motivated and ready for my tasks at hand.

Like the brand’s other vapes, the Revive citrus vape pen contains 500 mg of broad-spectrum CBD and all-natural terpenes. As an experienced consumer, I found that three large puffs were the perfect amount for my morning motivation.

Broad-spectrum CBD vape pen


This citrus-flavored vape is the perfect option for any person who needs to put a little pep in their step. I felt results after just a few minutes with the Revive vape, starting with an overall feeling of stress relief. It became easier for me to focus and I did so with more positive intention than usual. With 500 mg of broad-spectrum CBD, my high tolerance needed three hits for the perfect results, but less experienced consumers will likely find benefit from one or two puffs.


  • Effects felt: Motivated, happy, focused, comfortable
  • Good for: Morning and daytime consumption, feelings of motivation
  • Not good for: Nighttime consumption


  • CBD: 500mg
  • THC: 0%
  • Extract type: Broad-Spectrum
  • Price: $49.95
  • Lab report: COA

ECO Therapy CBD Vape Pen (Rest)

ECO Therapy Rest CBD vape pen

ECO Therapy’s 500 mg disposable vape shows you that there’s nothing better before bed than a puff of vanilla. This broad-spectrum vape pen offers delicate, sweet notes of vanilla alongside the hemp-derived CBD that you’ll absolutely love. When smoking, though, you have to keep in mind what this pen is meant for: sleep.

After about three hits, I noticed that I was significantly more relaxed than before, and my muscles were getting heavy. Eventually, my mind relaxed enough for me to fall asleep about 30 minutes after consumption. And I didn’t wake up feeling groggy! What more could you ask for from a Rest vape pen?

Disposable CBD vape pen for sleep


The Rest vape pen offers a nice vanilla flavor that isn’t too sweet. The packaging isn’t anything to write home about, but the pen itself does function well — no overheating, either. At 500 mg, I experienced subtle effects at first, but then total relaxation minutes later. The pen is meant to help you sleep, and I found that it did its job: both my muscles and mind were relaxed enough for me to drift off to sleep only half an hour after I took my hits.


  • Effects felt: Sleepy, relaxed, pain free, stress free
  • Good for: Bedtime, promoting relaxation, reducing pain
  • Not good for: Morning, motivation


  • CBD: 500mg
  • THC: 0%
  • Extract type: Broad-Spectrum
  • Price: $49.95
  • Lab report: COA