DynaVap M 2021 Review

Microdosing with DynaVap "M" is simple and quick, and your session is ready in just one click.

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Zola Costa

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Dynavap M 2021 manual dry herb vaporizer
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There really isn’t anything quite like the DynaVap M vaporizer. Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive way to quit smoking, ways to stretch out your stash and keep your wallet happy, or just looking for a unit that isn’t drenched with fancy and complicated technology, the DynaVap 2021 M is an appropriate and easy-to-use option to add to your collection of cannabis vape devices.

DynaVap coined the term and label their vaporizers as a “Thermal Extraction Device” – an elaborate way of saying that cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis material are removed with heat application. And that’s exactly what the M is – a non-electronic vaporizer that is required to function by heat. The most important thing to note though is that it performs optimally when its main feature the “click” is heard. This is an audible cue that users will hear when the Cap on the device is heated correctly.

Dynavap M series battery free dry herb vaporizer
Photo: Zola Costa/CBD Oracle

Another affirmative quality of DynaVap vaporizers are that they are all designed by in-house engineers and manufacturers. Located in the southern Wisconsin region, they pride themselves on an almost indestructible unit that is founded on durable construction along with innovative yet simple technology.

The DynaVap 2021 M vaporizer stands out from the rest with its proprietary click sound feature which lets users know exactly when it’s ready to be inhaled. Its medical grade stainless steel construction makes it durable and virtually indestructible, which will set you up for many future sessions to come. Totally worth it if you’re a microdoser who loves sessions to be easy, quick, and combustion free.
Ease of Use
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What's Good
Compact design
Adjustable bowl size
Virtually indestructible
Battery-free vaporizer
What's Bad
Learning curve for novice users
Little control of heating temperatures
Difficult to hear the click in louder settings
Dynavap M

Product Specs

Product:VapCap M 2021
Type:Portable Vaporizer (Thermal Extraction Device)
Height:3.5 inches
Diameter:3/8 inches
Weight:19 Grams
Body Material:100% Medical Grade Stainless Steel
Designed:United States
Manufactured:Windsor, WI
Warranty:100% Satisfaction Guarantee
User Manual:View Instructions
Device Compatability:View Chart
Similar Products:Hippie Pipe
Where to Buy:DynaVap, Planet Of The Vapes
Availability:North & Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa

DynaVap VapCap M 2021 Review

The DynaVap 2021 M manual vaporizer stands alone with its innovative and proprietary feature of the “click”, bringing cannabis vaping sessions to a whole new level within seconds.

Smoking from the Dynavap M 2021 vaporizer
Photo: Zola Costa/CBD Oracle

What’s Included

  • DynaVap 2021 M Unit (with 100% recyclable packaging)
  • Instruction Card
  • Product Catalog

DynaVap M 2021 Features

Captive Cap

A quick heat-up and audible “click” Captive Cap lets you know your session is ready.

Dynavap M captive cap
Photo: Zola Costa/CBD Oracle

The Captive Cap is easily one of the most attractive and important features to come out of DynaVap vaporizers. It plays a vital role in letting users know that their bowl is ready for use when they hear the audible “click” sound after being heated. It is constructed from medical grade stainless steel to guarantee long term durability, while indents or “captivations” are built on the inside to create a strong hold onto the tip of the M. This allows the Cap to stay snug without falling off easily during use.

It also features another convenient tool called the “digger-outer”, which is meant to clear out the already vaped material in the bowl. Consider the Cap a 2-in-1 deal.

Adjustable Dosing Chamber

The Adjust-a-Bowl tip containss two size options for regular-sized one-hits or even smaller micro-doses.

Adjustable bowl for microdosing sessions
Photo: Zola Costa/CBD Oracle

The Adjust-a-Bowl is the perfect feature for microdosers and is available in two different size formats. In its regular position, the chamber fits about 0.1 grams inside, while the smaller size shrinks down to a teensy 0.05 grams. To adjust the bowl disassemble the unit by using the digger-outer to push out the condenser tube, and then take the condenser and push the C.C.D screen into either level of divots on the inside until it clicks into place.

In short, the Adjust-a-Bowl is strictly meant for those who are looking for small and modest hits, so keep that in mind if you’re a seasoned stoner.

Easy to Load Up the Bowl

Load up your bowl quickly and easily with the septa-serrated, fully faceted extraction chamber.

Serrated chamber
Photo: Zola Costa/CBD Oracle

This feature on the 2021 M series is one that gives the user’s experience a little more ‘oomph’ when loading up their bowl. The tip of the chamber exhibits seven rounded notches that essentially function as a built-in grinder. It’s great for breaking the herb into finer bits and effortlessly grabs the material from your container a lot better than a flat edge would. To some it may seem like a minor detail, but it’s one that all users benefit from regardless if they like it or not.

Airflow Control

Have some airflow control in your sessions and increase or decrease the power of your hits with the Next-Gen chiral airports.

Dynavap M chiral airports feature
Photo: Zola Costa/CBD Oracle

The DynaVap M earns its title from the chiral airports that are located near the base of the device, where they are placed opposite of each other and form the shape of an M. This highly innovative technology controls the amount of airflow that goes through the unit from the tip to lips. The chiral airports replicate the carb that you would normally see on a hand pipe. Users have the ability to close the airports with their finger to create a more condensed hit, or keep it open for increased airflow to produce hits that are lighter and less cloudy.

Cool, Smooth Hits

Enjoy and experience cooled-down hits thanks to the condenser tube.

Condenser tube cools down smoke
Photo: Zola Costa/CBD Oracle

At a length of only three and a half inches, it is safe to say that the short airpath on the M is bound to create some harsh hits due to minimal space for air travel. Aside from the chiral airports assisting in cooling down the vapor for its users, the condenser tube located on the interior of the stem also plays an important role in that process.

The condenser tube serves as a converter from heated material to condensed and cooled vapor as it travels through to the users lips. It is essentially what brings the vapor from Point A to Point B, and it also acts somewhat as a filter or barrier to keep the midsection of the M clean from residue.

Comfortable Mouthpiece

The DynaVap M is built with a comfortable and easy-to-grip mouthpiece that will make your session run more smoothly.

Dynavap M 2021 Vapcap mouthpiece feature
Photo: Zola Costa/CBD Oracle

Carrying on from the previous DynaVap 2020 M model, the tapered 10mm sized mouthpiece gives users a bit more variety when it comes to choosing how to vaporize their cannabis. It is compatible with various accessories like a water pipe, dab rig, or bubbler and fits onto a 10mm female joint. With this option, users can enjoy even smoother, cooler, more flavorful hits without having to use any type of adapter.

Just above the mouthpiece you’ll see a machine-grinded dip where the user’s lips can sit comfortably during the session. This provides a nice grip on both the user’s mouth and a strong hold on any water accessories it’s converted to.

Comparison: DynaVap M vs. The Hippie Pipe

The hippie pipe
Photo: The Hippie
Dynavap M 2021Hippie Pipe
View ProductView Product
3.5 Inches5 Inches
Medical Grade Stainless SteelStainless Steel, Real Carbon Fiber, Wooden Handle
Bowl: 0.05 + 0.1 gramsBowl: 0.1 grams

Serrated Dosing Chamber
Audible Click Captive Cap
10mm Mouthpiece
Chiral Air Intake Ports

Push and Scoop Loading Chamber
Black to Chrome Indicator Slot
Spring Loaded Mouthpiece

The DynaVap 2021 M and Hippie Pipe share a commonality in that they are both non-electronic vaporizers. They also both require the dosing chambers to be heated on its exterior – essentially “baking” the cannabis instead of combusting it directly. And while they both support the concept of providing users a healthier alternative to smoking cannabis, they share a few slight differences in regards to their portability, size, discreteness, and main features.

When it comes to portability, they both come close in size. The M is 3.5 inches while the Hippie Pipe reaches 5 inches. They both visually appear to replicate the standard size of a one-hitter, the only contrast is that the Hippie Pipe has a wooden handle on the outside of the stem, making it a little less uniform and thicker looking. However, both are super portable and can easily fit into your pocket or bag.

In terms of discreteness, the M series comes in five metallic colors of black, silver, green, blue, and rainbow. While the silver and black M’s look more neutral, the other three colors look more eccentric and stand out easily. The Hippie Pipe is built with materials that have a more neutral appearance such as stainless steel, carbon fiber, brown rosewood, and ebony blackwood. 

The two vaporizers both have innovative features that are slightly different from each other. The M’s chamber is loaded like a classic one-hitter where you dig it inside of your material using the serrated edge, while the Hippie Pipe carries a “push and scoop” method which opens up the chamber when the mouthpiece is pushed in. 

For the main feature of the vaporizers, both give users a cue to signify that their bowl is ready for inhalation. The M displays an audible cue for readiness or a “click” sound, while the Hippie Pipe has a visual cue or color-changing indicator on the body of it.

Product Guide and Tips

How Do You Use the DynaVap 2021 M Vaporizer?

If you are a novice user with the M, it may seem a little bit daunting at first on understanding how to use it. However, a little bit of practice makes perfect and once you try it a few times, you will start to get the hang of it.

  • Start off by removing the Cap. Load up the tip with your desired material and then place the Cap back onto the tip.
  • When you are ready, take your selected heating source (i.e. butane lighter) and light the flame under the Cap at an angle. While the flame is burning, make sure to rotate the “M” either in a back-and-forth or infinite circular motion until you hear the “click” sound. This signifies that your bowl is ready to be toked. 
  • Take a nice inhalation and then breathe out. (Optional: Use your index finger to cover and uncover the chiral airports to create a more or less intense hit. This replicates a carb that you would find on a pipe.)
  • When you’re finished, wait a few more seconds for the bowl to cool down and “click” again. This will signal that your bowl may be heated up again for another toke, or is cooled down enough to be stored away for next time. 

DynaVap has a downloadable visual diagram that helps users to get to know their M and how to use it. View the diagram here.

Can You Use Concentrates in the DynaVap M?

Although the DynaVap M is primarily designed for the use of dried herb materials, it is also conveniently compatible with solid and semi-solid concentrates. DynaVap engineered an adapter piece called the DynaCoil, which is fabricated from a single piece of medical-grade titanium. The strip of titanium features numerous pointed tips on it or a shark tooth design, where it helps to capture and retain the concentrates and provide adequate space for extraction.

DynaCoil adapter for concentrates
Photo: DynaVap

The DynaCoil is also said to be compatible with all of DynaVap’s stainless steel and titanium tips. These adapters can be purchased on DynaVap’s website for an extra $25. A worthy investment if you like concentrates on the go.

How Do You Heat the DynaVap M?

Dynavap M Vapcap 2021 vaporizer in use
Photo: Zola Costa/CBD Oracle

Torch lighter. For best results, DynaVap recommends using a butane torch lighter to heat the Cap. If you don’t have a torch lighter, you may use a regular one but make sure to heat it with the blue part of the flame and not the orange, as the Cap will be more susceptible to damage and will end up looking tarnished. Just remember that it will take much longer for the Cap to heat up and click.

Rotation is key. Simply start by placing the flame under the middle of the cap. While doing that, you can rotate the M in one of two ways. You can rotate it in a back and forth motion, or in a full 360 “infinite” motion. Just be sure to rotate it enough so that the flame burns the Cap evenly. Do this until you hear the “click” sound – which signifies that your toke is ready.

Varied heat-up times. Depending on the type of heating source and tip that you choose, heat up times will be varied. Using a torch lighter on a titanium tip will take about 3-6 seconds, while a soft flame will take about 15 seconds. With the M series, the tips are made with stainless steel rather than titanium so you can expect these guys to take up to 15 seconds or so with a torch lighter, and even longer if you’re using a soft flame.

DynaVap has created a helpful phrase for users to remember before heating their M:

Heat the tip for a tasty rip, heat the base to launch to space.

If you are looking for a softer, more flavorful toke, then heat near the top end of the tip. And if you are looking for tokes that are heavy hitting and cloudy, then heating the base of the tip will give you that full-on experience. It’s a great tip to consider before choosing what kind of session you’d like to have with your M.

How Do You Clean the DynaVap M?

Cleaning the DynaVap M is easy and straightforward. It’s also important to know that the Captive Cap and the rest of your M require different cleaning processes. 

You will need your M, an airtight container, a pipe cleaner, Q-tip, and a cleaning solution. Isopropyl alcohol shall do the trick. 

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to ensure a quick and efficient process:

  1. Pour cleaning solution into the airtight container. 
  2. Disassemble the M and put the Cap to the side. Do NOT soak the Cap in the cleaning solution.
  3. Put the remaining pieces into the container, seal it and give it a good shake for about 20 seconds. 
  4. Put it down, and let it soak for about 1-12 hours, depending on the condition of the M. The dirtier it is, the longer it is recommended you let it soak.
  5. After letting the M soak, take it out of the container and pour the solution down the sink.
  6. Take the condenser tube and remove the O-rings off of it. This will be the part that has the most dirt and debris on it.
  7. Clean the condenser by using a pipe cleaner and slide it in and out of the tube. 
  8. Rinse the remaining parts with water in the sink, let them dry out, and then reassemble them. 

How to Clean the DynaVap M Cap

Cleaning the Captive Cap is similar to cleaning the rest of the M, but instead requires a different cleaning solution. To clean the Cap, you will need an airtight container, water, soap, and a Q-tip. 

  1. Open the container and fill it halfway with water and put a drop of soap in it. 
  2. Place the Cap into the container and close it tight.
  3. Give the container a good shake for 1-2 minutes.
  4. Let the Cap soak in the container. Soaking time will vary on how dirty the Cap is. If it’s slightly dirty, let it soak for a few hours. If it’s extremely dirty, it is suggested to let it soak overnight. 
  5. Take the Cap out and use a Q-tip to remove any residue or particulate matter. 
  6. Rinse the Cap under running water.
  7. Let it completely dry.
  8. Place it back onto the chamber.

To watch a video tutorial on how to clean the DynaVap Cap, click here.


Tighten or loosen your Cap. There’s a possibility that after multiple uses, the Cap can become loose over time. With that being said, users have the ability to tighten or loosen it and adjust it to their preference. If it’s loose, gently squeeze the Cap with your thumb over the DynaVap logo just above the digger-outer and your index finger directly across on the other side. If it’s tight, do the same thing with your thumb and finger but move it to the sides of the Cap, adjacent to the digger-outer. For a visual diagram, click here.

Use a small torch lighter. The M unit itself is very small in stature and about the same size as a standard one-hitter, which is great because it’s discreet. If discreteness is a priority for you during sessions, then it’s recommended to use a small torch lighter as the heat source. Anything that’s bigger than your hand will definitely look suspect to any outsiders, and not nearly as convenient or portable either. I used a single flame Clipper Jet butane lighter which worked perfectly.

Do a few dry test runs. Before you load up the chamber with your material, try using the M without anything in it and do a couple of test runs to get the hang of it. It takes a bit of practice to get comfortable with rotating the M back and forth while you’re lighting it with the torch, so doing this will give you a better feel and understanding of how the Cap clicks.

Do NOT overheat it! Make sure that after you hear the first click sound and take your first toke, you listen up for the second “cool down click” about 20 seconds afterward. This signifies that your bowl is ready to be stored away or heated again for a second rip. Overheating the Cap can result in severe and permanent damage.

Adjust your bowl. If you are wanting to adjust the size of your bowl inside of the tip, you must disassemble the entire unit altogether and use the condenser tube to push the screen into its place. Just keep in mind that locking the screen into its place can be a little bit tedious and finicky. The C.C.D screen is fairly brittle, so be sure to have some patience and be gentle with it while putting it in place.

Is the DynaVap M Worth It?

All in all, the DynapVap M is worth it if you’re a microdoser, not on a tight budget, and interested in a unit that is straightforward to operate and use.

Although the DynaVap 2021 M is an intelligently designed unit that has paved the way for non-electronic vaporizers on the market, it definitely has both pros and cons. It is the perfect option for those who primarily microdose their cannabis and prefer smaller sessions at a time, but those who are more experienced or require multiple hits in one session may find it petty and time-consuming due to having to reload and light the Cap over and over again.

Being an experienced cannabis user, I feel a bit indifferent regarding the M’s price point of $79. There are other vaporizers I’ve both seen and purchased on the market that have bigger bowls, with quality electronic technology along with more customizable settings for just $10-$20 more. But with that said, some may not find the price point bad at all, especially if they’re not technologically savvy or familiar with electronic vaporizers.