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Dosist cannabis vaporizer, live resin pod, and gummies
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When dosist launched in 2016, it was hailed by Time Magazine as one of the Top Inventions of the year (though, back then, they were named hmbldt).

Their CBD line ( debuted first (and is still very popular), and they soon launched THC based pods and pens. The brand is considered by many to be the perfect introduction to cannabis, or the go-to pen for when you want to just take the edge off a little, but not get too high.

My experience as a daily cannabis consumer with a high tolerance is mixed. Some of their newer products aimed at higher tolerance consumers had very little effect on me, whereas the more targeted disposable pen worked like magic.

The price is budget friendly, and they attempt to have something for every kind of effect you are seeking. Overall, I think dosist is a decent product with those with low tolerance, but the brand will have to do some work to not let its users outgrow them for more potent vapes.

Dosist cannabis products tested and reviewed
dosist tries to offer a little bit of everything, and they are very clear as to the intended benefits of each pod, pen or gummy. Each dose is measured, and their controller (aka battery) is set to give exactly 3 seconds/2.5mg per puff, which the pen will notify you with a vibration, and the inhale is then cut off. This is great if you're just starting out and don’t want to get too high. Each dose is tasty, and not overwhelming (if you’re new to vapes). But if you’re a more experienced user, the measured dose can be frustrating.
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What's Good
Good variety
Easy to understand
Sleek, modern packaging and design
What's Bad
Child-proof containers are VERY hard to open
Low potency
Mixed effects or lack of

Technical Details

Availability:CA, NV, CO
Where to Buy:dosist, Eaze
Strength:Mild – Medium
CBD:THC Ratios:0:1, 1:10, 1:9, 1:8, 1:2, 6:1
Extraction Method:Whole Plant Infusion
Product Types:Vapes, Edibles, Live Resin
Cannabis Origin:California
Similar Brands:AbsoluteXtracts, LEVEL

Editor’s Pick

  • What dosist does best is tailor pens to targeted benefits and bliss thc-plus by dosist dose pen 100 disposable, proves that in spades. Not only is every pull measured, but the thc-plus line makes each pull just a tad more potent, giving you a very specific high. This pen proves that when dosist says bliss- they mean it.

dosist Live Resin Pod

I had high hopes for the dosist x Bear Extracts collab. Sativas are my go to, and usually, when I see something that includes live resin, I know I am in for a good time.  But, sadly this pod had almost zero effect on me. I was at a film premiere, and wanted to use this during the after party, as I am not really a drinker.

The pen itself is sleek and trendy, and fits easily into my pocket, so it was great with the fun, Hollywood party vibe. But while the small lifts were happy, and buzzy, it didn’t last long. So, instead of mingling away the way a typical sativa would have me, I focused on my heels making my feet hurt, and stuck to one corner of the room with my friends. This definitely was not for me but if you don’t have a tolerance to cannabis yet, or are curious about vaping, dosist might be the pen for you.


This tasty little pod looks so stylish, that I can see why it’s so popular. But, look aside, the potency was low and had very little effect on me. It took me roughly 5-6 hits before I felt, well, anything, and the small buzz was over in less than ten minutes. I used this pen at a party and for work, and I almost killed the entire pod in one work day, as I had to use the pen a lot more than I usually do because I just couldn’t feel it. I have one friend that relies on this pod during social situations, but she rarely uses THC (consumes an edible maybe once a week), so the effects on her are instant and long lasting.

Strain:Strawberry Lemonade
Type:Sativa Hybrid
CBD:<2% (<2mg/pod)
THC:70.35% (351.8mg/pod)
Powered by:Bear Extracts
Grow:Sun Grown
Extraction:Flash Frozen
Price: $49
Good for:Creativity, socializing, energy
Not good for:Sleep, pain, anxiety
Effects:Inspired, creative, happy

dosist thc-plus Dose Pen: Bliss

Los Angeles traffic can only be defined by one word and one word only: hell. But when my husband and I were forced to go to the OC, I grabbed the bliss thc plus 100 dose pen because what better than to try than just sitting in traffic? I might have been the passenger but sitting in traffic for 1 hour and 22 minutes (in what is supposed to be a 45 minute drive) suddenly didn’t feel bad.

The targeted “Bliss” is definitely met, and then some. It took the exact recommended dose (three, 3 second pulls) but I was feeling euphoric, happy, and not minding sitting bumper to bumper on the 5…and I didn’t have to take another pull until an hour later.  In fact, even though I nearly had to take a hammer to the child proof container it’s in, I had not a care in the world. Definitely recommend for anytime and anyone!


The pen is small, full of 100 doses, and comes immediately ready to pull from. The taste is a bit piney, almost like inhaling a forest with a very light diesel undertone. At only $30, the price point is fabulous. It looks classy and won’t break the bank while keeping you uplifted, and ready to take on the world.

CBD:THC Ratio:1:9
CBD:<2.0% (20mg/pen)
THC:82.20% (205.5mg/pen)
Price: $30
Good for:Stress, anxiety, sitting in traffic
Not good for:Crowds, working, working out
Effects:Euphoric, bliss, relaxed

dosist Gummies: Bliss

Microdosing is one of the latest trends in cannabis and that’s exactly how bliss by dosist lemon-lime gummies are best used. Each gummy contains 5mg of THC aka “little droplets of joy” which is what my friend and I ended up calling these.

I normally need at least 15mg to feel an effect, and so I grabbed 4 gummies, just in case 3 was too low, for my first dosage. 45 mins later, I was feeling euphoric, energized, and popped a gummy every 30 mins or so for continued bliss.


The gummies are tart and tasty, with a definitive lemon lime flavor. I happen to love the taste of lime, so these were right up my alley. Each canister contains 20 gummies, and they make for a great item to throw in your pocket or handbag for easy dosing whenever you need it. Though the effects take some time to be felt, it is definitely worth the wait.

CBD:THC Ratio:0:1
THC:100mg (5mg/dose)
Dietary Labels:Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-GMO
Price: $20 ($1/dose)
Good for:Socializing, outdoors, vacation
Not good for:Focus, sleep, crowded places
Effects:Happy, bliss, social