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Dimo Hemp CBD and THC products
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Dimo Hemp is a cannabinoid brand that offers delta-8, delta-9, and delta-10 products of varying types. And you’ll always know it comes from Dimo Hemp when you see the bright, animated packaging. Dimo’s known for having well-flavored products that produce strong full-bodied effects. The brand has good reviews and testimonials across the board, with various customers noting that they have some of the best delta-8 cartridges around.

Dimo Hemp doesn’t have much to offer about who the company is or why it was started, but they do a great job at providing plenty of cannabinoid education in case you need it. Some of their products are pricier than your average edible or cartridge, but the flavors and distinct effects make the higher price tag worth it. From gummies to pre-rolls, cartridges, disposables, and even distillates, Dimo Hemp is a good option for D8, D9, or D10 products that’ll help you feel better from head to toe.

The Dimo Hemp brand offers a nice selection of delta-8, delta-9, and delta-10 products; however, some products are slightly expensive. Dimo has full-panel COAs available for every product on their site, showing that they test for both purity and potency, which is always a huge win in the cannabis industry. In terms of areas of improvement, Dimo’s packaging can seem a bit childish with the extremely bright colors and designs, making them seem appealing to younger ones. Make sure to keep them out of view if you have little ones in the house. It’s also worth noting that, despite having different strains, a lot of Dimo’s vape cartridges have the same underlying flavor (though it is a tasty one).
What's Good
Large selection of cannabinoid products
Offers comprehensive full-panel COAs for all products
Products are potent, providing full-bodied effects
Gummies are flavorful and made well with an appealing texture
Vapes and disposables hit well and don’t easily clog
Website offers plenty of educational information about cannabinoids for those who need it
What's Bad
Packaging is very bright and distinct, and may look appealing to minors
Some products are way above market-average prices
Gummies are made with multiple artificial ingredients
Vapes don’t offer distinct flavors
Dimo Hemp

Editor’s Pick

Dimo Hemp does a lot of things well, including their pre-rolls. They offer their premium delta-8 pre-rolls in various strains, but my favorite was the tasty, pungent Gelato option. They coat all of their pre-rolls in kief for an extra layer of potency, and there are seven joints in every jar. These joints burned slowly and provided distinct flavors and tastes that I loved. It did hit a bit harshly, but it was worth it for the euphoric, comfortable feelings I got immediately after smoking.

Dimo Delta-9 Gummies: Strawberry Sour Belts

The Strawberry Sour Belts from Dimo Hemp are infused with 20 mg of delta-9 THC, with 10 sour belts in each package. This makes them a perfect choice for both experienced and new consumers, as you could eat as little (or as much) as you’d like. These gummies are both sweet and sour, taking your taste buds on a journey before your mind and body. You can buy these infused edibles for $29.99 a package. 

Live resin gummies with delta-9 and THC-P


Dimo Hemp’s Strawberry Sour Belts are incredibly tasty, reminding me exactly of the candies from my childhood. These belts aren’t small, either, so you can enjoy only half or even just a quarter of the candy if you’re looking for a slightly less potent experience. I noticed the effects of the delta-9 THC kicking in after about 45 minutes, and it started with a bright cerebral high that ended up traveling throughout the body. I found these candies great for boosting my mood and helping me feel euphoric and pain-free. I’d suggest them for daytime use, especially in a social setting. 

Dimo Delta-9 Gummies: Blue Raspberry Sour Belts

Dimo’s Blue Raspberry Sour Belts will have you puckering up with every bite. These sweet yet sour gummies are incredibly tasty, and not only that, but they’re also packed with 200 mg of delta-9 THC in every bag. Each package contains ten gummies for you to enjoy, each one with the same amount of D9 as the next. You can pick up these tart options for $29.99 on Dimo Hemp’s website.  

Delta-9 THC gummies infused with THC-P


If you’re a fan of blue raspberry, you’re going to be a fan of these delta-9-infused edibles. Dimo Hemp’s Blue Rasberry Sour Belts give off classic blue raspberry flavors — and no hemp whatsoever — to provide a super fun consumption experience. With 20 mg of delta-9 in each gummy, I started with half of one to see how that would make me feel. The effect started to creep in after about 30 minutes, and I found myself feeling very relaxed. I got a strong body high, making me think these gummies would be good for those wanting to decompress at the end of a long day. Just know that these gummies are very sticky, and they may stick together in the bag. 

Dimo Delta-9 Gummies: Peach Rings

Nothing beats the classic taste and feel of a good ol’ peach ring — and Dimo Hemp knows that firsthand. Dimo Hemp makes their Sour Peach Rings with 200 mg of delta-9 THC in total, giving you ten gummies in each package. These peach rings give off flavors of honey, peach, and apricot, and are nice and chewy in the mouth. Just like the Sour Belts, you can buy these delta-9 gummies for $29.99.

Peach gummies with delta-9 and THCP


When I say that Dimo Hemp’s Sour Peach Rings are sticky, I mean sticky. I had trouble getting these guys out of the bag because of it; however, once I did, I absolutely loved the bright flavors that these candies brought. I ate half of a gummy and noticed mild results throughout the body after 45 minutes or so, primarily helping me feel more uplifted. If you have a high tolerance, you may want to try eating the whole gummy for stronger, more noticeable effects. Newer consumers will likely find strong bliss from just half, though. 

Dimo Delta-9 Gummies: Rainbow Sour Belts

The delta-9-infused Rainbow Sour Belts from Dimo Hemp are a great way to boost your mood and have you giggling for hours. These gummies have a total of 200 mg of delta-9 per package, with 20 mg in every gummy. The Rainbow Sour Belts are tart and sweet, giving off flavors of tropical and berry fruits in each bite. With ten servings in each package, you can enjoy these bright, flavorful candies for quite a while. You can buy these edibles from Dimo Hemp’s website for just $29.99. 

Dimo Hemp gummies with delta-9 THC and THC-P


Dimo Hemp’s delta-9 Rainbow Sour Belts make a great edible option for those seeking a totally euphoric experience. After just 30 minutes and one whole gummy, I found myself feeling more social and comfortable in my own skin, meaning my stress and anxiety levels had reduced dramatically. I was happy with the flavors of these gummies, but they did have a slightly medicinal aftertaste that I didn’t enjoy. But, with the full-body happiness that I felt, I couldn’t complain much. If you’re heading out to a party or social gathering and want to feel a little bit more like you’re a part of the group, one of these energizing, blissful gummies may help.