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Collective Project CBD drinks
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Collective Arts Brewery is a modern brewery that’s always up for new projects. Thus, their Collective Project was born. The Collective Project is a line of CBD-infused sparkling teas and juices that are clearly made by beverage experts. Out of all the CBD-filled drinks I’ve tried, these are easily the tastiest yet. Collective utilizes unique flavor profiles like mango, pineapple, and coconut as well as raspberry and hibiscus. 

Unfortunately, it’s quite clear that this is (probably) Collective’s first try at CBD products. When it comes to the actual CBD, information is severely lacking: there’s no indication as to where they get their hemp, what CBD extract they use, nor what extraction process is utilized.

Plus, COAs are nowhere to be found. The only thing I found was that they claim their drinks contain less than 0.3%, so I’m assuming it’s full-spectrum; however, this can’t be confirmed.

This bummed me out because, genuinely, I loved the way these drinks made me feel. I was calm, uplifted, and felt like I was on track and productive all day long. At only 20mg, I was surprised these drinks could make me feel so good. All in all, I’d be so much happier with just a bit more transparency from Collective Arts Brewery.

Collective Arts Brewery broke out into the world of CBD their infused sparkling teas and juices. Each drink tastes absolutely delicious, without any sign of hemp; it’s clear they’re made by expert brewers. Each drink contains 20mg of CBD, but who knows what kind of CBD or where it came from. Without a COA to check, it’s hard to feel confident drinking these products. While I experienced strong muscle relaxation mixed with some serious productivity, the company’s technical specifications are truly lacking.
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What's Good
Delicious flavor combinations
No hemp flavor
Great for muscle relaxation
Boosts motivation
What's Bad
Lacking COAs
No CBD information
Collective Project

Technical Details

CBD Strength:20mg
THC Content:<0.3%
Extract Type:N/A
Cannabis Source:Hemp
Extraction Method:N/A
Product Types:CBD Beverages
Hemp Origin:N/A

Editor’s Pick

  • Right now, The Collective Project offers only three flavors. Out of all of them, their Raspberry and Hibiscus Sparkling Tea is easily my favorite. At first sip, it’s clear this was made by professionals: the flavors are incredibly bright and aromatic. After about 45 minutes, I could feel the mild 20mg dose start to take effect; my thoughts were no longer racing and I felt content with my day. These are great for anyone looking for a mild, supportive dose of CBD in an incredibly tasty beverage.

Collective Project CBD Sparkling Juice: Mango, Pineapple & Coconut

Collective Brewery CBD drink mango

Reminiscent of a classic piña colada with a hint of mango, Collective Project’s Mango, Pineapple, Coconut Sparkling Juice is beautifully refreshing, creating quite an escape from reality. In the mouth, I couldn’t get enough of this tropical sparkling juice. There’s no hint of hemp and the flavors blend together like your favorite cocktail.

At 20mg per can, I wasn’t expecting too strong of effects but was pleasantly surprised with the results. Less than an hour after drinking, I felt happier, more balanced, and a whole lot more motivated. I just wish there were stronger options (and more CBD information, of course).

CBD infused drink mango flavor

Product Summary

Packaged in an eco-friendly, abstract can, Collective Project’s CBD-infused sparkling beverages look high-quality. As soon as you taste it, too, you’ll only fall in love more. This drink boasts wonderful tropical flavors alongside 20mg of CBD. This dose is great for beginners but slightly too mild for more experienced consumers. Still, after a full can, my mood was boosted and I was extra motivated. (That being said, this drink wouldn’t be great for before bed.)


  • Mouth-watering tropical flavors
  • No hemp taste
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Boosts mood, motivation


  • Mild potency
  • One strength
  • Not good for sleep
Extract Type:N/A
Price: $17.96/4 ($0.22/mg)
Lab Report:

Collective Project CBD Sparkling Juice: Cucumber, Lemon & Lime

Collective Arts CBD drink cucumber

Designed to be both tasty and extra relaxing, Collective’s Cucumber, Lemon, Lime Sparkling Juice is the definition of refreshing. Infused with a simple 20mg of CBD, these cans are perfect for a dose of calm.

Great for cracking open in the middle of a stressful day or to add even more bliss to your vacation, I could sip on this sparkling juice all day long. And I totally would if Collective Project would come out with more strengths, as well as more information about their CBD extract. Until then, these drinks make for a wonderful occasional drink whenever you need a break from the stressors of your day.

CBD infused drink cucumber flavor

Product Summary

Beautifully packaged with abstract art from a local artist, Collective’s Cucumber Sparkling Juice is immediately enticing. After the first sip, I couldn’t believe how refreshing this juice was. I drank it quickly, and the effects kicked in even quicker: within about 30 minutes, I felt calm from head to toe. But, without a COA, it’s hard to tell just how quality these drinks are– no matter how good they taste.


  • Refreshing citrus flavors
  • Full-body relaxation
  • Blissful effects
  • Great for an everyday break


  • Only one potency
  • Mild strength
  • Not great for experienced consumers
  • No COA
Extract Type:N/A
Price: $17.99/4 ($0.22/mg)
Lab Report:

Collective Project CBD Sparkling Tea: Raspberry and Hibiscus Rooibos Tea

Collective Project CBD drink

Calling all tea lovers! This infused drink is the beverage for you. Collective Arts Brewery released a 20mg Hemp CBD tea that celebrates flavors of raspberry and hibiscus. Light and refreshing, this is the most subtle of Collective’s drinks, making it ideal for those of you who prefer a less-sweet sip.

I found this tea to be great in the afternoon, giving me a boost of wellness when I needed it most. If they had a stronger version of this subtle tea (and y’know, a COA), I would drink it all day, every day.

CBD infused beverage raspberry flavor

Product Summary

Subtly sweet with unique flavor profiles, this sparkling tea is wonderful for a break in your day. With effects that kick in quickly, I was happy with the gentle results: my mind felt recharged and my body was much more comfortable. I would be happier with a stronger dose option, but the way this drink looked, felt, and performed, I was pleased. If only they provided more information on extraction and testing…


  • Delicious subtly sweet flavors
  • Quick onset of effects
  • Great for mental stimulation
  • Promotes muscle relaxation


  • Mild dose
  • Only one strength option
  • No COA or extraction information
Extract Type:N/A
Price: $17.96/4 ($0.22/mg)
Lab Report: