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Cannatera CBD skin products
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Cannatera is a well-praised skincare company that’s all about infusing high-quality cannabidiol into their products. This company currently only has four different products, but what they do have, they sure do well.

Their products are highly sought after by celebs, and I don’t blame them: this stuff feels like luxury on your face. You could easily replace your current skincare routine with these high-end skincare products if you so choose. But, despite the clear hydration and my soft skin afterward, I still felt a little iffy about Cannatera as a whole.

Their website’s vagueness and lack of information about their CBD itself were less than I was comfortable with. As a company wholly focused on using CBD in their products, their methods need to be much more transparent for their customers — a certificate of analysis (lab reports) say, demonstrates the kind of quality owed to both loyal and new customers alike.

Cannatera focuses entirely on crafting skincare products infused with CBD and other high-quality ingredients. Their products are beautifully made and packaged in luxurious, classy bottles. On the skin, the products do work incredibly well, though there is a severe lack of information about the CBD that they use. Though they’re efficient, I just had a hard time feeling comfortable not knowing exactly what I was putting onto my face. (These products are also on the pricey side, too.)
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What's Good
Beautiful labeling
Moisturizing, hydrating
High-quality ingredients
What's Bad
No CBD/extract information
No expiration date

Technical Details

CBD Strength:50-100mg
THC Content:0%
Extract Source:Isolate
Extract Type:Hemp
Extraction Method:N/A
Product Types:Topicals

Editor’s Picks

  • I struggle to recommend anything from Cannatera simply because of their products’ vagueness. I found that their Refresh Anti-Aging Facial Cleanser was the best bang for your buck, being cheaper than their other products by $30. I’ll admit, this cleanser had my face feeling softer and much more hydrated, and I’m sure it would be wonderful for those trying to combat the signs of aging. However, I have no clue what kind of CBD extract was used or even how much, so I’m still iffy about it all.

Cannatera Refresh Cleanser

CBD hemp facial cleanser

Cannatera’s Refresh Facial Cleanser gives your skin relief, moisturization, and provides a gentle cleanse — make note that a little goes a long way. The company uses carefully selected ingredients to boost skin hydration and combat signs of aging.

Cannatera’s cleanser smelt like a mix of lavender and hemp, which was relaxing in and of itself. Apparently, each bottle contains 50mg of CBD, though this isn’t stated anywhere on the bottle or package, nor does it tell you what kind of CBD is used. The company boasts that they’re THC-free, so it is either broad-spectrum or CBD isolate–but it would be nice if they told us.

Cannatera Facial Cleanser

Product Summary

This hydrating facial cleanser looks like luxury and smells like relaxation. While it provided soothing effects on my skin–like hydration and reduced redness–the uncertainty behind the product made it difficult to trust. At nearly $50, I want to know exactly what I’m applying to my face, but Cannatera simply doesn’t have that kind of transparency just yet.


  • Light, refreshing scent
  • Hydrating, soothing properties
  • Luxurious packaging


  • Unknown CBD extract
  • Unknown CBD extraction method
Extract Type:Isolate
Price: $49.99 ($1.00/mg)
Lab Report:COA
Good For:Skin hydration, Anti-aging
Effects Felt:Moisturized, Reduced redness
Smell:Lavender, hemp

Cannatera Revive Serum

CBD facial serum

An all-in-one facial topical designed to do it all, Cannatera’s Revive Serum is their most powerful, all-encompassing product yet–not to mention most expensive. At $79.99, this serum is supposed to replace all of your other skincare products and fight signs of aging like no other.

On the hand and the face, this serum felt as expensive as it was, and my skin was incredibly rejuvenated after one use. However, like Cannatera’s other skincare products, I wasn’t sure what CBD extract was used or even how much was in the bottle!

Cannatera Revive facial serum

Product Summary

Beautifully packed and velvety smooth on the skin, Cannatera’s Revive Facial Cleanser truly was revitalizing. It worked well and had long-lasting effects that took me by surprise. But, I simply cannot speak on the potency because neither the dose nor extract type is mentioned on the packaging. Priced at $79.99, it’s hard to imagine such a high-end product being so vague, but, boy, was I left with a few questions.


  • Rejuvenating properties
  • Locks in moisture
  • High-end ingredients


  • Extremely expensive
  • No CBD info
Extract Type:Isolate
Price: $79.99 ($1.60/mg)
Lab Report:COA
Good For:Anti-aging, Skin hydration, Revitalization
Effects Felt:Moisturized, Soft skin

Cannatera Renew Moisturizer

CBD hemp face moisturizer

To help renew your complexion and get your skin to look the way you want, Cannatera crafted their 100mg Renew Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer. This silky-smooth moisturizer contains fancy ingredients that are said to counteract the aging process.

In general, this product worked surprisingly well for my dry skin, and my complexion felt “renewed”– if that means hydrated and smooth, that is. Once again, however, the actual information about the CBD used was few and far between. The moisturizer is cheaper than their serum but more expensive than their cleanser, to put pricing in perspective.

Cannatera facial moisturizer

Product Summary

The expensive moisturizer is full of high-quality ingredients that are surprisingly successful in moisturizing and “renewing” skin. The packaging is beautiful and easy to work with, though incredibly vague and non-descriptive. The product works quite well throughout the day, and I didn’t find a need for reapplication. Once again, I just wish Cannatera was more upfront about their CBD’s information.


  • High-quality ingredients
  • Moisture-locking
  • Rejuvenating


  • Pricey
  • No CBD info
Extract Type:Isolate
Price: $99.99 ($1.00/mg)
Lab Report:COA
Good For:Skin hydration, Anti-aging
Effects Felt:Soft skin, Moisturized, Youthful glow
Smell:Citrus, herbal