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Blessed CBD oils
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Blessed CBD has been making some serious waves in the CBD industry. The company has been blessed (horrible pun intended!) with some pretty cool awards from some pretty major publications. The reason for this?

Its mission statement is incredibly authentic and solution-oriented. The company wants to fight back against poor, unethical products being injected into the CBD market. How? By crafting safe, organic, and lab-tested products fit for your enjoyment and relaxation.

Designed to make you feel refreshed, relaxed, and rested, you definitely can’t go wrong with these CBD oils. Blessed CBD has done a fantastic job here. You can tell the company has crafted them with quality and simplicity in mind. Simple formula. Simple ingredients. No frills. No gimmicks. Just good old fashioned full-spectrum CBD ready to relax your mind and body with. Perfect for combating anxiety, stress, and insomnia symptoms.
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What's Good
Safety and quality conscious
Uses simple and effective formulas
Great selection of strengths
Effective against stress, insomnia, and anxiety
What's Bad
Doesn’t produce flavored oils
Limited selection of products
Blessed CBD

Technical Details

Product Types:Oils, Topicals
Extraction Method:CO2
Manufactured:Edinburgh, Scotland

Editor’s Picks

  • For mild physical and mental relaxation, we recommend the 500mg CBD oil option. It’s perfect if you’re a newbie or simply prefer an easier CBD experience to start your day — especially with a coffee.
  • For a stronger, more noticeable CBD experience, we suggest moving up into the 1000mg and 1800mg strength options. These are best-suited to more experienced users.

Blessed CBD Oil

Blessed CBD tincture product

The experience you get from Blessed CBD’s Premium CBD Oils is nothing short of amazing — we truly mean that. There’s a real relaxing energy contained in each strength option. The organic, non-GMO full-spectrum formula clearly works! They’re perfect for evenings when you just want to kick back, relax, and unwind after a stressful day at work. Don’t forget to try it with some tea or coffee — you’ll thank us later.

User trying Blessed CBD oil

Product Summary

Functionality really stands out here. Very practical and no fussing around. The dropper features an easily squeezable bulb and a cleverly rounded nozzle at the end to hold your required dose. This is very useful if you follow a strict CBD regimen. There’s also a noticeable feeling of physical and mental relaxation. Great for those early mornings with a coffee or late at night before bed. The peppery taste is definitely quite powerful, though this is to be expected from an oil product with no sweet flavorings included in the formula.


  • Full-spectrum, organic, and non-GMO hemp extract
  • Great with tea or coffee during the day or night
  • Simple formula
  • Very relaxing qualities


  • No flavor options
  • Taste is quite overwhelming
CBD:500mg – 1800mg
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Price: £44.95 – £124.95
Good For:#Sleep, #Anxiety, #Relaxing
Effects Felt:Calm, Sleepy
Taste:Peppery, Mildly Spicy

Blessed CBD – Expanded Review

Blessed CBD tincture bottle


So, let’s get into the meat of this review with the oil’s functionality. How does it stack up? Well, it’s simple and definitely serves its intended purpose.

The bottle’s small size makes it super easy to store in your handbag or rucksack. Remember to tighten the top securely after use — it really sucks to have CBD oil leak all over your stuff (and it stinks too!).

The dropper features an easily squeezable bulb and a cleverly rounded nozzle at the end to hold your required dose. One drop is typically 2mg (500mg option), 4mg (1000mg option), or 6mg (1800mg option). This is very useful if you follow a strict CBD regimen.

However, there are no measurement markers on the dropper itself, which is kind of annoying. Having this would really help you understand how much a whole dropper holds if you need to up your dose. 


Blessed CBD won’t win a coveted “Best Tasting CBD Product” award for its CBD oils any time soon. The initial taste is quite pungent and slightly overwhelming actually. It might be especially off-putting if you’re a first-time user unaccustomed to the taste of natural CBD oil. 

The reason for this—ahem—“interesting” taste is very simple. The oils are packed full of terpenes called caryophyllales, commonly found in cloves and rosemary. This gives the oils a very, very powerful earthy and peppery flavor

However, don’t despair! The strong aftertaste typically subsides within a minute or two after consumption. If it doesn’t, simply take a nice swig of water, gargle, rinse, and repeat until the taste disappears. 

Unfortunately, there aren’t any other flavor options to choose from. All you sweet-toothed CBD users out there may just have to make peace with the taste or move on to a different brand entirely.


And this right here is what you’ve all been waiting for. We suspect you’ve been asking yourself, “how will these oils make me feel though?!”. 

Well, honestly? The experience you get from Blessed CBD’s Premium CBD oils is nothing short of amazing — we truly mean that. There’s a real relaxing energy to the oils. They’re perfect for entrepreneurial spirits looking to unwind after a long day’s work. 

Just remember, though, tolerance to CBD is a real thing. We recommend you fresh-faced newbies start with the comparatively mild 500 mg option and work your way up from there. If you’re a seasoned CBD user? We suggest you start with the 1000 or 1500 mg to really get your holistic juices flowing. 

Finish & Packaging

Blessed CBD has gone all-out with the product design and the overall presentation of the product is superb. The bold, bright colors make each product look super sleek and fresh. 

The first thing you’ll notice when you open the packaging are the cute piles of straw to keep your oils safe. This is a really nice touch. You’ll also find some pretty awesome product literature inside as well. 

The product guide is the most impressive and is packed full of useful information regarding your new purchase.

The product boxes, as well as the bottles, are clearly labeled with certification stamps on the side and a dosage recommendation on the back. This is something we really like to see. 

Price & Value

You may have heard the best CBD products are often the most expensive — this, frankly, isn’t true at all. There are currently a number of fantastic CBD companies producing high-quality products without a huge markup price.

Thankfully, Blessed CBD is one of these companies that prides itself on quality over quick profit with its full-spectrum, non-GMO, and organically sourced CBD oils.

For a 10 mL bottle of either the 500, 1000, or 1800 mg strength option, you’ll be looking to pay £44.95 (£0.09 per mg of CBD), £74.95 (£0.07 per mg of CBD), and £124.95 (£0.07 per mg of CBD), respectively. This sits them comfortably on the inexpensive side of the price scale. 

If you’re after more than one bottle of any strength(s) you decide to purchase, Blessed CBD has you covered. The company offers three month (three bottles) and six month (six bottles) supplies at a generously discounted rate. 

For example, a three or six month supply of the 500 mg strength option will save you either £25 or £50. Similarly, a three or six month supply of the 1000 mg will save you either £45 or £90.

In other words, all you keen budgeteers can breathe a sigh of relief — these oils will not destroy your bank account! 


It’s so important for any CBD company to cater to a large customer base. When a company produces only a small range of medium-strength products or a large range of mild products, it’s incredibly frustrating.  

Fortunately, Blessed CBD does really well with its range of potencies. The company has made sure each strength option is geared toward your daily CBD requirements. 

As we’ve touched upon already, the comparatively mild 500 mg (50 mg/mL) is perfect if you’re a newcomer to CBD. The 1000 (100 mg/mL) and 1800 mg (180 mg/mL) are both strong enough to suit more seasoned users.

Third-Party Testing

In the CBD industry, one saying should always apply: safety never, ever takes a holiday. Unfortunately, some companies don’t take heed of this and peddle out shitty, below par products.

Therefore, it’s so important for you to know when companies take every step to ensure transparency and safety when creating their products. You don’t want to be consuming something dangerous, harmful, or illegal. 

Thankfully, this is why Certificates of Analysis (CoA) exist. 

If you’re scratching your head over what a CoA is, don’t worry. We’ve all been there. They’re not as complicated as they look! 

In layman’s terms, CoAs are test results conducted by independent third-party laboratories. They give you an insight into what’s actually in the product(s) you purchase.

If you look at Blessed CBD’s CoAs below you’ll see all three oils have been tested by a verified independent laboratory.

The CBD content matches the amount on the product’s label and the THC level is under the 0.3% legal limit. You, therefore, won’t get absolutely baked on this stuff — just some good old fashioned relaxation!

The only gripe we have is there’s no terpene profile, nor are there any microbe tests for impurities.

Shipping & Returns Information

In terms of shipping, we have some good news and some bad news.

The good news?

Blessed CBD offers free next day delivery on all orders placed before 3pm Monday to Friday — if you’re in a rush to have your CBD fix, this option is super convenient

The company also provides a speedy same-day delivery service if you live in the Scottish cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow — this is a rarity in the UK CBD industry and one we can fully get behind. 

Wondering about returns and exchanges? Don’t fret! If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, Blessed CBD offers a generous 14-day money-back guarantee on all orders. 

The bad news?

Due to Blessed CBD’s decision to keep its products firmly on British soil, there’s no international shipping option. If you live outside of the UK, we recommend looking elsewhere.