Happy Danksgiving! Cannabis Recipes for a Festive Feast

Experience the best Thanksgiving yet by mixing in some cannabis. Here are the best cannabis recipes for a festive feast.

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Danksgiving dinner with cannabis infused food
Photo: Kiva
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It’s time to do something different this Thanksgiving. This year, why not add a bit of cannabis into the mix and create some fun, tasty, infused meals for your Thanksgiving festivities? As long as your guests are all on board, infusing your Thanksgiving foods with marijuana can be a wonderful way to have the best holiday ever.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of the 19 best cannabis-infused Thanksgiving recipes we could find from bloggers, influencers, and top cannabis publications. Ready to dig in? 

Your Ultimate Cannabis Thanksgiving Feast

1. Danksgiving Cannabutter

Cannabutter is going to be the staple for most of your cannabis-infused recipes, so it’s important to make it with love and care. This ultimate cannabutter recipe comes from The Cannigma, and it details everything you need to know about crafting this staple of your infused Thanksgiving feast.  

2. Turkey Roast With Cannabis-Infused Gravy 

Make this turkey roast with infused cannabis gravy and all of your guests will be left smiling from ear to ear — both from the flavors and the cannabis inside. This mouth-watering turkey roast recipe comes from WayOfLeaf and it is a lot of fun to put together. 

3. Lemon Herb Marijuana Marinade 

Turkey with cannabis infused marinade
Photo: Cheri Sicard

If you want to infuse your actual turkey with some THC, we don’t blame you! We’ve found a great marinade to make if you want the cannabinoids to seep right into your turkey, enhancing the experience tenfold for everyone at your dinner party. This delectable turkey marinade comes from marijuana blogger Cannabis Cheri.

4. Infused Green Bean Casserole

Green bean casserole with cannabis oil
Photo: Leafly

Nothing says Thanksgiving quite like a green bean casserole — especially one infused with cannabis. Homey, cozy, and quite easy to put together, this Turkey Day meal is great for every person at your table. Here’s a great recipe to follow if you want to wow your guests, and it is all thanks to the Leafly Staff.  

5. Marijuana Mashed Potatoes 

You cannot have Thanksgiving without a side of mashed potatoes. But, have you ever tried cannabis-infused mashed potatoes? Here’s a delicious roasted garlic, sour cream, and chive recipe to follow that will leave you wanting to make these potatoes for every dinner. Once again, this recipe comes from expert cannabis food blogger Cannabis Cheri.

6. Cannabutter Mac and Cheese  

You’ll have all your guests smiling when they see this cannabis-infused mac and cheese sitting at the table. This mouth-watering cannabis-infused mac and cheese recipe comes to you from Steven Voser over at Zamnesia. Thanks, Steven!  

7. Stoner Stuffing

Turkey stuffing infused with weed oil
Photo: Cannabis Spatula

This may be the easiest infused recipe you’ve made in a while. Here’s how you can create some tasty cannabis-infused stuffing — right from the box. You can thank Cannabis Spatula for this easy-to-do cannabis-infused stuffing recipe. 

8. Marijuana Maple-Glazed Carrots

Cooking carrots with marijuana oil
Photo: Chris Yang

Glazed carrots are a great side dish to add to any Thanksgiving feast. But, what about some maple-glazed carrots with a bit of marijuana inside? Delicious. This tasty maple-glazed carrots recipe comes from the famous High Times publication. 

9. Hot Buttered Apple Cider With Cannabutter 

If you want to impress your guests with a tasty infused drink, this is the one to do it. In this recipe, you’ll learn how to go about making some hot-buttered apple cider with cannabutter. You can thank Happy Pot Farmer for this incredible-sounding apple cider recipe. 

10. Weed-Infused Pumpkin Pie 

Pumpkin pie is a staple for every Thanksgiving meal, and this one might be the best pumpkin pie you’ve had yet. (Both because it tastes good and gets you stoned.) This delicious pumpkin pie recipe comes to us from none other than Cannadish, and it will quickly become a go-to for your new favorite desserts.  

11. Cannabis Cranberry Sauce 

Cranberry sauce is one of those side dishes that really makes Thanksgiving feel like, well, Thanksgiving! In this recipe from Ethos Cannabis, you will create your own cannabis cranberry sauce with a hint of bright orange flavors. Yum. 

12. Infused Creamy Ranch Dressing 

Cannabis infused ranch dressing
Photo: Emily Kyle

If you have a salad during your Thanksgiving meal, why not take it up a notch by adding some cannabis-infused creamy ranch dressing? Emily Kyle Nutrition has crafted a wonderfully easy recipe to make your own.  

13. Cannabis-Infused Garlic Aioli 

You never know what kind of sauces you might need during the holiday, and it totally depends on your spread of food. Just in case, why not whip up a tasty cannabis-infused garlic aioli to impress your guests? This medicated garlic aioli recipe is from the Sous Weed blog.  

14. Smoky Green Bloody Mary 

Green bloody mary drink made with cannabis oil
Photo: Monica Lo

Many people love to enjoy a good Blood Mary on Thanksgiving morning. But, what about one infused with cannabis? This is yet another recipe from Sous Weed, helping you confidently make your new go-to Smoky Green Bloody Mary.

15. Weed-Infused Praline Popcorn 

Popcorn snack infused with marijuana oil
Photo: Monica Lo

The best way to finish off your Thanksgiving night would be with a dessert like some cannabis-infused praline popcorn. We found this perfect dessert cannabis recipe from KQED. 

16. Medicated Chocolate Cranberry Almond Granola Bars

Granola bars infused with cannabis oil
Photo: Annie Trimber

What is a Thanksgiving feast without some pre-dinner (or post-dinner) snacks? Food blogger Annie Trimber has crafted the perfect recipe to enjoy some holiday-themed infused snacks at any time of the day. This is her recipe for some medicated chocolate cranberry almond granola bars, and, trust us, your guests are going to be absolutely in love with these bite-sized infusions. 

17. Cheddar Bae Biscuits 

Sometimes you just need some good biscuits and tasty butter to round off your meal, and cannabis Chef Amanda Jackson has the perfect recipe for you. These Cheddar Bae biscuits are comfort foods infused with the most comforting plant of all — cannabis. 

18. Maraschino Pickled Cannabis

We know what you’re thinking, “Pickled cannabis?!” Yup. Garnishing your favorite cocktails or mocktails with some maraschino pickled cannabis may not be something you’ve tried yet, but it’s something that you and your guests will never forget. This classy, fun recipe comes from Chef Michellee Fox. 

19. Canna Chocolate Sauce

Whether you’re topping your cocktail or dessert, chocolate sauce is always the way to go for additional flavor. But, what about some cannabis-infused chocolate sauce? Chef Cynthia Sesito has graciously shared her Dark Demon Canna Chocolate Sauce, a wonderful addition to your Thanksgiving feast this holiday season.

Enjoying Thanksgiving the Right Way 

These 19 Danksgiving recipes are the perfect way to enjoy the holidays in a whole new light. These foods are perfect for putting smiles on faces and changing the mood of a season that can sometimes be full of stress and frustration. Melt that anxiety away with each bite you take of your infused Thanksgiving meal! 

But, of course, make sure to always inform your guests that your foods are infused, and make sure to dose responsibly.

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