It’s Lit! Light Your Tree While Lighting Up With These Cannabis Products

Get the most out of your holiday season by sparking up (or consuming) these top-shelf cannabis products.

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Consuming cannabis products during Christmas holidays
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While the holiday season can be a wonderful time of year for friends and family, sometimes, it can also be incredibly stressful, too. But, it doesn’t have to be. With the help of cannabis, you may be able to go into the holidays feeling merrier than ever. 

To help you uplift those spirits and feel less stressed going into Christmas time, we’ve come up with a list of the ten best cannabis products to spark up (or maybe eat up) while lighting up your holiday lights. Trust us: these products will leave you feeling oh-so-joyful.  

The Best Products to Light Up With This Holiday Season

A Golden State Flower

Smoking premium quality cannabis flower
Photo: A Golden State

A California-based brand, A Golden State offers some of the highest-quality flower around. Packaged absolutely beautifully in high-end boxes, you’ll quickly melt into euphoria as soon as you take a puff from their line of flower. They offer their proprietary flower in eighths, 1-gram pre-rolls, pre-roll packs, and curated eighth sets. But, you have to be lucky enough to live in California in order to enjoy this top-shelf bud. 

Fig Farms’ Gelato 41 

Fig Farms cannabis flower product
Photo: Fig Farms

It’s hard to turn down the beauty and potency of the Gelato 41 strain from Emerald Cup winners Fig Farms. This strain comes from a Bay Area clone, and has tasting notes of sweet guava, skunky earthy wood, and fresh rubber. The flower smokes smoothly and is super pungent, leaving consumers engrossed in layers of relaxation and bliss. And, if this strain isn’t your thing, Fig Farms has many other top-shelf flower strains for you to choose from. You can buy Fig Farms’ strains in Illinois, Arizona, and California. 

Almora Live Rosin 

Almora cannabis live rosin extract
Photo: Almora

Ready to get super stoned for the holidays? Almora’s solventless live rosin will do that for you. Almora grows their flower under the California sun and uses a flash-frozen process to help preserve compounds, ensuring the product’s flavor profile is as pungent as possible. Plus, this helps guarantee a more powerful, potent result, getting even the most experienced consumers lit under the Christmas tree. Almora is only available to California residents, though. 

Alien Labs Y2K Flower

Alien Labs Y2K cannabis flower
Photo: Alien Labs

Alien Labs makes some of the best flower in California, and their Y2K strain is one that’s hard to beat. This strain regularly tests around 26% THC, making it super potent and best for experienced smokers. In fact, Y2K was actually voted Leafly’s Strain of the Summer 2022. You can find Alien Labs in dispensaries throughout the country. 

Camino Sours Gummies from Kiva Confections

Camino sour gummies
Photo: Kiva

The Camino Sours gummies from Kiva Confections are going to be the best gummies you’ve had in a long time. These small but mighty gummies are not only tasty, but they provide potent, full-bodied effects that are great for helping you feel your best for hours on end. Whether you have a long party ahead of you or a night full of wrapping presents, these sour gummies will keep you entertained and smiling until your head hits the pillow. You can buy Kiva products in California, Washington, Michigan, Oklahoma, and Massachusetts. 

Jeeter Infused Pre-Rolls

Smoking an infused pre-roll from Jeeters
Photo: @mohaveclubs

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than sitting outside and just smoking a joint. Whether it’s a bit chilly out or your state is just now cooling down, taking some time to yourself outdoors with a joint is perfect for the holiday season, and Jeeter’s infused pre-rolls are the perfect option. These joints contain flower infused with cannabis oil and are coated in kief, averaging over 35% THC. Jeeter offers their jay’s in multiple sizes and strains, and you can pick them up in California, Arizona, and Michigan. 

Kiva Blackberry Chocolate Bar

Chocolate bar infused with cannabis
Photo: Kiva

We can’t help but add another edible from Kiva Confections — and this one is mouth-watering. Kiva’s Blackberry Dark Chocolate bar contains a blend of fresh blackberries and “toasty” cannabis, creating a flavor profile unlike any edible you’vd had before. The bar contains 100 mg total, with 5 mg of THC per square. Start munching as you begin your holiday decorations and see just how great you feel once you’re done. 

Select Elite Vape Cartridge

Live Resin vape cartridge
Photo: Select

Select’s Elite vape cartridge is one of the best-selling vape carts on the market. These carts smoke flawlessly, providing large, milky hits and distinct flavors that you’ll love puffing on. Select utilizes broad-spectrum oil with the “highest THC level possible,” making their carts average between 80-95% THC. Buy Select in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Montana, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Maryland, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Florida. 

Caliva Fun Uncle Cruisers Vape Carts 

Cannabis vape cartridges and Christmas baking in the kitchen
Photo: Fun Uncle

Caliva’s Fun Uncle Cruisers Vape Carts make vaping fun. These mouth-watering full-gram vapes come in bright, eye-catching packaging and are available in five popular strains: Lemon Jack, Strawberry Cough, SFV OG, GG4, and Berry Gelato. You can enjoy these cartridges practically anywhere you go, whether you’re staying at home to decorate for the holidays or you’re taking some personal time on a walk. 

Monogram Cannabis

Luxury cannabis flower product
Photo: Monogram

Finally, if you want to splurge and spend a bit of extra money on yourself this holiday season, we’d suggest doing so with Monogram cannabis. Monogram is rapper Jay-Z’s cannabis brand, and it boasts some of the most premium, premiere cannabis in the industry. As their website states, Monogram is “a new chapter in cannabis,” and you simply won’t get it until you try it. So, if you’re in California, try one of Monogram’s potent pre-rolls or flowers and see where it takes you. 

Taking Your Holidays to the Next Level 

No matter how you feel about the holiday season — excited, stressed, nervous, or happy — cannabis products like the ones we listed can help take your mood to the next level. If you need a pick-me-up or just want to feel more comfortable around your guests, cannabis products can be a great way to help you feel better naturally.

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And, if you don’t want to get high, you don’t have to! There are various non-THC products, like CBD pre-rolls or vapes, that you can enjoy instead. With cannabis, the choices are truly endless. Celebrate the holiday season the right way and spark up your favorite green plant while lighting up your sparkling green tree.