Ever Thought About Taking a University Course in Cannabis? Now You Can

Level up to a cannabis Jedi Master with the help of these universities offering comprehensive cannabis courses and degrees.

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Twenty years ago, studying cannabis at university wasn’t even an option. Now, with cannabis acceptance and legalization running rampant throughout the majority of U.S. states, several universities and cannabis colleges are doing what was once unthinkable: offering cannabis degrees and courses to anyone wanting to journey into the cannabis industry. 

Have you been thinking about studying cannabis production? Ever wanted a deeper understanding of cannabis compounds and how they work? Are you ready to switch careers and retrain to be a cannabis expert in your brand new chosen field?


  • As cannabis acceptance and legalization in the U.S. continues to grow, so do cannabis education opportunities — there are 75+ degrees and courses to choose from across many universities and educational institutions
  • Cannabis degrees and courses range from cannabis business, law, and production to cannabis science, chemistry, and biology — some online, some in the classroom 
  • Average salaries in the cannabis industry for degree-qualified graduates can range from $40,000 to $60,000 per year
  • University degrees and courses aren’t always required — several jobs are available for non-degree-qualified individuals e.g. budtenders, trimmers, laborers 
  • Job opportunities in the cannabis industry are growing and demand is strong — a 50% increase in cannabis jobs between January 2020 and January 2021 (77,300 jobs created totaling approx. 321,000)
  • Cannabis education space is predicted to grow going into 2022 and beyond

Which universities are offering cannabis certifications and degrees?

While cannabis acceptance and legalization across many U.S. states has increased, so has the number of universities offering cannabis courses and degrees, ranging from cannabis chemistry all the way through to cannabis production. 

Here, you can discover which U.S. universities and colleges are offering cannabis classes and degrees, and which ones could suit your desire to pursue a career in the cannabis industry.  

CSU Pueblo

Cannabis Biology & Chemistry, BS4 years$29,260 – $48,818 per year

CSU Pueblo, a public university located in sunny Colorado, offers you a chance to study a Bachelor of Science in Cannabis Biology and Chemical, where you’ll learn “cannabis physiology and growth, the pharmaceutical implications, and the practical applications for the industry”. Additionally, you’ll be taught the basic chemical and biological principles of many different cannabis fields. This degree is best if you’re considering a career in cannabis biochemistry, biophysics, and science e.g. becoming a chemical technician, environmental scientist, or agricultural and food scientist. 

Lake Superior State University

Cannabis Business, BS4 yearsN/A
Cannabis Chemistry, BS 4 yearsN/A
Cannabis Science, AS2 yearsN/A

Michigan’s own Lake Superior State University offers three different degrees: Bachelor of Science in Cannabis Business, Bachelor of Science in Cannabis Chemistry, and Associate Degree in Cannabis Science. The BS in Cannabis Business is “designed for future managers, supervisors, and business development leaders within a commercial enterprise”, while the BS in Cannabis Chemistry is geared toward prospective students looking to learn about cannabis extraction, quantitative analysis, chemistry, and biochemistry. 

Northern Michigan University

Medicinal Plant Chemistry, BS4 yearsN/A
Cannabis Healthcare & Medicine Certificate6 months$2,950
Cannabis Law & Policy Certificate6 months$2,950
The Business of Cannabis Certificate6 months $2,950
Cannabis Agriculture & Horticulture Certificate6 months$2,950

Northern Michigan University not only has four different cannabis certification courses on the subjects of cannabis healthcare, law, business, and agriculture, but it also offers a Bachelor of Science in Medicinal Plant Chemistry. The BS in Medicinal Plant Chemistry was “the first-ever 4-year undergraduate degree program of its kind to prepare students for success in the emerging industries relating to medicinal plant production, analysis, and distribution”. With this course, you’ll also learn entrepreneurship and laboratory accreditation guidelines. 

Stockton University

DegreeLength Cost 
Cannabis Studies (Minor)5 modules
Cannabis Studies Full Certificate*8 months (6 modules)$1,995 

*Individual modules are also provided at $499 per module

New Jersey’s Stockton University offers you a minor Cannabis Studies Certificate covering six individual topics including ones named Cannabis Law, Cannabis Cultivation, and Introduction to Research in Medical and Adult-Use Cannabis. This certificate is online-based and you can complete it at your own pace. The university also offers a minor in Cannabis Studies complete with five modules: Medical Marijuana, Cannabis Law, Internship Preparation, Cannabis Research, and a fifth optional module. 

University of Rhode Island

Cannabis Studies Certificate (Online)Four 3-credit courses$5,300

The University of Rhode Island is one of the only universities on this list to only offer prospective students one certification course. The course is named Cannabis Studies and consists of four 3-credit modules, which the university claims will give you:

  • A foundation in cannabis studies
  • Help you develop core competencies in natural product separation and analysis and safe product development and manufacturing
  • An evaluation of the therapeutic potential of cannabis

Western Illinois University

Cannabis Production (Minor)18-19 hoursN/A

Western Illinois University, situated in Macomb, is the only university on this list to offer you a minor in Cannabis Production. It’s the only university in Illinois to offer a cannabis minor. The course consists of three core courses and ten additional courses to choose from. The core courses include Cannabis Production and Practicum in Horticultural Science, as well as three optional modules. The minor is designed to help you learn about all cannabis biology and production including cannabis anatomy, physiology, breeding, post-harvest processing, and product applications (among many others). 

Syracuse University 

Healthcare & Medicine 6 months$2,950
Cannabis Law & Policy6 months$2,950
The Business of Cannabis6 months$2,950
Cannabis Agriculture and Horticulture6 months$2,950

Syracuse University offers non-credit marijuana certifications “with focused instruction from top experts for those interested in developing credentials to launch a future-focused career”. The courses are designed by industry professionals, providing you with a deep knowledge of specific cannabis sectors. 

University of Maryland

Medical Cannabis Science & Therapeutics, MS2 years$20,785–$25,621

The University of Maryland has recently launched a 2-year comprehensive Master of Science in Medical Cannabis & Therapeutics Degree designed as a blend of online instruction and face-to-face learning experiences. Degree modules range from Cannabinoid Pharmacology and The Clinical Effects of Medical Cannabis to Advanced Cannabis Therapeutics and State and Federal Cannabis Laws & Policies. Internships and work experience are not provided but there are many networking opportunities with industry professionals. 

SUNY Morrisville

Medical Cannabis Science & Therapeutics (Minor)15-credit courseAvailable by request

SUNY Morrisville’s Medical Cannabis Science & Therapeutics minor began in 2019 in response to the fast-growing cannabis sector in New York State. The minor is a 15-credit credit course best used alongside Bachelor’s degrees in horticulture, agriculture, and natural science. Career opportunities upon completion with the aforementioned BS degrees include cannabis growing, cultivation, and science. 

Saint Louis University

Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutic Management12-credit courseAvailable by request

Saint Louis University offers an online graduate certificate program with four courses that cover Medical Cannabis History, Cannabis Pharmacology, Health Implications and Management Using Medical Cannabis, and Cannabis Entrepreneurship.

Beal University

Cannabis Business Administration, AS20 monthsAvailable by request
Cannabis Laboratory
Sciences, AS
20 monthsAvailable by request
Medicinal Plant
Sciences, BS
34 monthsAvailable by request

Beal University is based in Bangor, Maine, and offers two Associates degrees and one Bachelor’s degree. The two Associates degrees are in cannabis business administration and cannabis laboratory sciences. The Bachelor’s degree is in medicinal plant sciences. All three programs are best-suited to cannabis lovers looking for a position in the business or science sides of the cannabis industry.

Minot State University

Medicinal Plant
Chemistry, BS
4 yearsAvailable by request

Minot State University’s medicinal plant chemistry major is one of only two in the state. The university boasts high-tech facilities, exemplary teaching standards, and a complete program consisting of multiple cannabis-centered subjects. Career opportunities upon completion include cannabis technician, cannabis grower, and many more.

Thomas Jefferson University

Cannabis Business Certificate (Online)1 yearAvailable by request
Cannabis Science Certificate (Online)1 yearAvailable by request
Cannabis Medicine Certificate (Online)1 yearAvailable by request
Medical Cannabis Science & Business, MS (Online)1.5-4 yearsAvailable by request

Thomas Jefferson University is a highly-acclaimed private research institute founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, officially combined with Philadelphia University in 2017. The university offers three cannabis certificate courses and a full Master of Science in medical cannabis science and business, each fully accredited and powered by the motto, “Dare to Ask, Dare to Answer”.

Cannabis colleges, universities, and training schools offering marijuana certifications

Oaksterdam University

Business of Cannabis17 weeks$2,495
Horticulture17 weeks$2,495
Raising Funds for Cannabis Businesses Arcview 2 days$495
Commercial Extraction & Manufacturing180 days$995
The Business of Cannabis180 days$995
The Business of Cannabis Cultivation180 days$595
Horticulture180 days$295
Budtending Certification Program180 days$295
CBD & Hemp: Science, Market Trends, and Regulatory Landscape180 days$295
The Economics Behind Cannabis Horticulture180 daysFree
Cannabis, Pain, Opioid Crisis180 daysFree
Advocacy180 daysFree
California Regulatory Agencies180 daysFree

Oaksterdam is often acknowledged as the first cannabis college established in the US. Launched in 2007, Oaksterdam has “been setting the bar high for academic rigor and applied to learn in cannabis”, offering virtual cannabis classes in the fields of cannabis business, horticulture, budtending, science, and advocacy with Live Semester and Self-Paced options. Boasting over 50,000 alumni, certification programs, comprehensive curriculums, and real-world project-based learning, this weed university is one to consider. 

Cannabis Training University

How to Grow Marijuana22 lessons$597
Cannabis Cooking & Extractions14 lessons$597
Cannabis Laws & Regulations15 lessons$597
Cannabusiness, Dispensary Operations, Marijuana Delivery15 lessons$597
Budtending, Jobs, Resumes, Cannabis Business Plans6 lessons$597
Marijuana as Medicine9 lessons$597

The Cannabis Training University is known as one of the most well-rounded cannabis-centered colleges in the US, offering a wide range of courses suitable for an equally wide range of prospective students. All courses are online and cost $597 each (there are discounts offered throughout the year). You can also purchase them in one bundle. Once certified, you can add it to your professional profile or use it as a springboard into higher education. 

THC University

9 Courses150+ hours$187

THC University is one of the cheaper options on this list. For over 150+ hours of training, which covers a range of cannabis subjects, the cost is as low as $187. This price includes nine individual courses/modules, all geared toward gaining a deeper understanding of cannabis, cannabis business, budtending, and safety regulations specific to Colorado and Washington. 


3 Courses12-month subscription $249

Healer is an online cannabis training school created by renowned integrative medicine physician Dr. Dustin Sulak D.O. This prestigious weed college, which is based in Maine, was launched to “empower individuals to live life to its fullest” through cannabis advocacy, education, and research. The school offers an annual subscription service, where you’ll gain access to not only six comprehensive courses on several different cannabis and CBD subjects but also other bonus exclusive perks not found in many other weed colleges. 

Trichome Institute

Professional Interpening12 hours$249
Cannabis Consultant Training12 hours$249
Extraction & Concentrates Fundamentals8 hours$249
Cannabis for All5 hours$49

Trichome Institute is a renowned weed college based in Denver, Colorado, and owned by certified entrepreneur Max Montrose. The school offers four online marijuana classes, which cover cannabis interpening, consultancy, extraction & concentrates, and general cannabis education. These four weed courses can be purchased separately or as a bundle, and are designed primarily for business training but can be used for your career development as well. 

Trichome also offers a Cooking with Cannabis course, in partnership with The American Culinary Federation, to help professional chefs prepare and serve cannabis infusions.

The Medical Cannabis Institute

New York State Healthcare Provider Education: Medical Use of Marijuana4 hours$229 
Medical Use of Cannabis2 hours$159
Maryland Provider Education: Medical Use of Cannabis2.5 hours$179
Iowa Provider Education: Medical Use of Cannabis3 hours$159
Washington Provider Education: Medical Use of Marijuana4 hours$269
Minnesota Provider Education: Medical Use of Cannabis2.5 hours$179
Illinois Provider Education: Medical Use of Cannabis2.5 hours$179
Medical Marijuana, Recreational Cannabis, and Cardiovascular Health5 hours$39
Clinical Cannabinoid Medicine13 hours$289
Core Knowledge of the Endocannabinoid SystemNot specified$39

The Medical Cannabis Institute is an online, science-based weed college offering a range of marijuana classes and courses designed for medical cannabis education across a range of subjects. You’ll discover state-specific courses, physician training, and PharmD modules, many of which are accredited. 

Cleveland School of Cannabis

Cannabis Horticulture225 hours$7,000
Cannabis Dispensary225 hours$7,000
Industrial Hemp and CBD225 hours$7,000
Medical Applications of Cannabis225 hours$7,000
Cannabis Processing 225 hours$7,000
Executive Program450 hours$13,500

The Cleveland School of Cannabis is one of the most famous marijuana colleges in the United States. Spread across two Ohioan campuses in Columbus and Cleveland, the school offers classroom, live, and self-paced online learning. There are six certification programs to choose from (classroom and online), as well as an 8-hour online medical cannabis course. Each program is very comprehensive, where you’ll gain a very deeper understanding of cannabis. Prices are steep but many alumni students believe it’s worth every cent. 

Colorado Cannabis School

Apprentice GrowerNot specified
Intro Into HydroponicsNot specified$99
Cultivating Cannabis 101Not specified$299
Exploring Cannabis as MedicineNot specified$125
Cooking with CannabisNot specified$99
Intro to Living SoilNot specified$99

Colorado Cannabis School is one of the lesser-known weed colleges offering specialized cannabis courses. According to its website, the school launched in an attempt to dispel the myths surrounding the cannabis industry through simplified education. Each course is online-based and ideal for beginners. 

Holistic Cannabis Academy

Holistic Cannabis Practitioner31 modules$3,100 

Holistic Cannabis Academy is a female-owned and driven online weed college composed of leading experts and practitioners within the cannabis industry. The Holistic Cannabis Practitioner Program is comprehensive and features 31 modules spread over four separate courses, each covering a range of cannabis-related topics such as cannabis history, cannabis benefits, the endocannabinoid system, terpenes, herbal synergy, networking within the cannabis industry, and cannabis business building. This program is designed for aspiring cannabis practitioners, entrepreneurs, and businesspeople, as well as those with a keen interest in cannabis and related topics. 

City Colleges of Chicago (Olive-Harvey College)

Cannabis Dispensary
Operations Specialist
6 core modules$12,000

Olive-Harvey is a Chicago-based college with a comprehensive certificate in cannabis dispensary operations. The certificate is designed for cannabis enthusiasts looking to work in or establish a cannabis dispensary. Modules include Introduction to Business, Introduction to Cannabis, Dispensary Operations, and Customer Service Operations. Students will also gain an understanding of state and federal-level cannabis laws, alongside real-world experience with cannabis clients.

Stautzenberger College

Cannabis Dispensary Administration Diploma8 monthsNot specified

Stautzenberger College is an Ohio-based college that currently offers a program for Cannabis Dispensary Administration. This 8-month online program teaches the administrative, legal, medical, and customer service skills needed to successfully operate and grow a marijuana dispensary.

Pennsylvania Institute of Technology

Cannabis Business, A.S.21 courses$475 per credit hour
Cannabis Health Therapy, A.S.21 courses$475 per credit hour
Cannabis Horticulture, A.S.22 courses$475 per credit hour

The Pennsylvania Institute of Technology college is currently offering fully-online classes for three cannabis programs including Cannabis Business, Cannabis Health Therapy, and Cannabis Horticulture.

University of Vermont

Cannabis Science & Medicine Professional Certificate (Online)7 weeks$2,250

The University of Vermont is the first and only medical school to offer a professional cannabis certificate in the US. The seven-week course is designed for aspiring cannabis physicians, nurses, dispensary workers, pharmacists, and regulators. Students will learn about the pharmacokinetics of therapeutic cannabis use, the pharmacology and toxicology of cannabis products, and the clinical use of cannabis compounds.

Cloverleaf University

Cannabis Business General Education Certificate (Online)12 hours/2 days$2400
Open, Invest, or Purchase a Cannabis Business Certificate (Live/Webinar)Not specified$1299.99
Cannabis Business Management Procedures (Live/Webinar)1 day/4 hours (1 classroom lesson)$795
Budtending Certificate | Art of Retail Cannabis (Online)1 day/4 hours (1 webinar lesson $600
Building, Protecting, Merging/Selling Your Cannabis Empire CLE Executive Business and Legal Class (Live/Webinar)Not specified$499
Cannabis Culinary Art Certificate (Online/Webinar)1 day/4 hours (1 classroom lesson)$800
Cannabis Culinary Art Certification Valentine Infused Cooking Class (Online/Webinar)1 day/4 hours (1 classroom lesson)$800
Budtending Certification (Online/Webinar)1 day/4 hours (1 webinar lesson)$600
Cultivation Program Certification (Online/Webinar)Not yet specified/to be decidedNot yet specified/to be decided

Clover Leaf University is based in Denver, Colorado, and is the first-ever hemp and cannabis university specializing in phytotechnology to be approved and licensed by the Colorado Department of Higher Education’s Private Occupational School Board. The university offers several cannabis-centered courses, ranging from cannabis business management and cannabis business investment to budtending and cultivation, all spearheaded by global, industry-leading executives, professionals, attorneys, cultivators, vendors, and manufacturers.

Why you should (or shouldn’t) take a cannabis course at university

One of the main reasons why you should take a cannabis course or degree at university is you get to understand cannabis in ways not found in an online blog or article. 

You’ll discover a breadth of knowledge from certified experts in the fields of cannabis chemistry, biology, production, horticulture, agriculture, law, business, and many others. 

Marijuana flower on pencils

Considering a career in the cannabis industry or looking to build upon your already existing professional repertoire? University courses and degrees look really good on paper and will impress prospective cannabis companies, businesses, and organizations. 

However, if you’re looking at going into cannabis law or business, it might be worth looking at traditional law or business degrees instead. Why? Because these degrees encompass a much wider view of law and business, opening you up to more professional opportunities in and out of the cannabis industry. 

Common cannabis certifications and degrees you can obtain at university 

There are several cannabis certifications and degrees you can do at university, college, or dedicated cannabis training school. Two-year and four-year cannabis degrees—either as a Bachelor, Associate, or minor—are becoming way more commonplace in today’s American education system. 

You can find 2-year or 4-year cannabis degrees in subjects such as:

  • Cannabis production
  • Cannabis science
  • Cannabis chemistry 
  • Medicinal plant chemistry

Universities, colleges, and cannabis training schools also offer a wide variety of cannabis certifications. Many of these weed certifications are taught online and can be used as an educational venture or as part of your professional development.

Common marijuana certifications include:

  • Cannabis business
  • Cannabis law
  • Cannabis cultivation 
  • Cannabis extraction and manufacturing
  • General cannabis studies

Cannabis degrees vs. cannabis certificates

Before you choose a marijuana certification or degree, it’s worth finding out what the differences are. You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a cannabis certification when what you need is a degree (and vice versa).

The main difference between a cannabis certification and a degree is what you learn. 

Scientist working at cannabis farm

Marijuana certifications typically focus on one or two specific skills related to any given cannabis-related field and are usually better for professional development.

For example, if you’re a junior cannabis farmer or grower, you might want to take a cannabis certification in agriculture and horticulture to help advance your career. They’re also useful as a foundation course when you want to enter into a degree program. 

Full-time cannabis degrees offer a broader subject scope with multiple modules on several different topics spread over 2-4 years. The level of learning is much deeper, which is why they run over an extended period. 

Cannabis degrees, on the other hand, are generally more useful if you’re looking to get into the cannabis industry for the first time or you’re switching from one career to another. 

Differences between university cannabis degrees and cannabis training school certificates

Knowing which type of cannabis education to pursue can be a challenge, even for the most experienced academic buff. While it’s always tempting to choose the cheapest and least time-consuming route, it’s better to sit down and explore which type of cannabis education is actually worth the investment, even if it’s a little more expensive and time-consuming than you initially expected.

Here are some of the differences between university cannabis degrees and cannabis training school certificates. 

What you’ll learn

As a general rule, cannabis degrees at universities provide a more in-depth look into cannabis. Cannabis degree courses not only focus on specific topics relating to cannabis but also offer to learn outside of cannabis, which produces a broad and well-rounded cannabis education experience. 

Cannabis training schools, on the other hand, are less rounded and far more specific. They don’t tend to offer the same breadth of cannabis and non-cannabis learning as university degrees, which is why they’re cheaper and take a shorter time to complete. 


University cannabis degrees are always more expensive than cannabis training school certificates. Why? Because university degrees are almost always classroom-based and cover a much larger range of topics, spread across numerous modules. You also have to pay tuition fees as well. The only way to reduce the cost is to pursue a part-time distance cannabis degree but this isn’t always offered. 


Cannabis training school certification courses are less time-consuming than university cannabis degrees. The length of time to complete a weed certification ranges between six days to six months depending on the cannabis training school you choose to go for. By comparison, university degrees are either 2 years (Associate, Master’s) or 4 years (Bachelor’s). 


Cannabis degrees at established universities are always going to be seen as more legitimate than a cannabis training school. There is a high level of prestige surrounding universities and the degrees they offer.

However, don’t count out cannabis training schools and their marijuana certifications. Many of them offer amazing courses and modules, each designed or taught by leading experts in the field. All you need to do is make sure they’re legitimate. Online reviews are helpful here, as are customer and alumni testimonials. 

Job Opportunities

Regardless of whether you’re in the cannabis industry or not, investing in further education pays off dividends and will have a positive impact on your career in the future. 

A degree (Associate, Bachelor’s, or Master’s) is typically needed for almost all jobs in the U.S. cannabis industry, especially higher-level jobs such as technicians, growers, and scientists. If you’re looking to enter into any of these job fields, we recommend a degree. 

However, if you want to advance your already existing cannabis career or supplement a degree you’ve already earned, a certification program is worthwhile. 

Are cannabis courses and degrees worth the money?

This entirely depends on which cannabis profession you want to go into. If you’re looking at being a cannabis pharmacologist, lab technician, chemist, or grower (among others), a cannabis degree could be the biggest and best step you can take toward your goal.

From a self-investment standpoint, the cost of cannabis education, especially if you choose a 4-year degree, is high and might be off-putting. 

However, if you look at average salaries in the cannabis industry, particularly for higher educated individuals, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

Average salaries in the cannabis industry

According to the Vangst 2020 Cannabis Salary Guide, the salary for cannabis chemists ranges from $50,000 to $77,500 per year ($55,000 on average), while a cannabis production supervisor can make anywhere between $40,000 to $62,000 per year. 

There’s also lots of room to grow in the cannabis industry, both in terms of professional development and overall income. If you move up from a cannabis chemist to a more senior director of extraction role, you could potentially earn up to $145,000 (lowest $72,500, average $105,000). 

Likewise, if you move up from a cannabis production supervisor to a vice president of manufacturing role, you could pull in a salary of up to $177,500 (lowest $145,000, average $150,000).

Other jobs that traditionally don’t require a degree, such as cannabis packagers, trimmers/post-harvesters, and budtenders, typically start at $14.50-$16.00 per hour. Hourly rates usually increase with experience. 

What are some potential positions you could land with a cannabis degree?

While a marijuana degree or cannabis certification won’t guarantee you a position in the cannabis industry, it will give you a better chance. Not only will you acquire a deeper understanding of cannabis (especially if you take a full 2 or 4-year degree), but you’ll also be given the opportunity to network, go on work experience, and have a decidedly better chance of landing the cannabis job you’ve always wanted. 

Hot jobs in the cannabis industry
Courtesy of Vangst

The potential job positions you can acquire in the cannabis industry are dependent on which marijuana degree you choose. 

For example, an Associate, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree in cannabis chemistry or general cannabis science could help you land the following jobs:

  • Cannabis technician 
  • Cannabis laboratory scientist 
  • Extraction technician 

Similarly, if you have an Associate, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree in cannabis production, it could open the door to the following job opportunities:

  • Cannabis production technician
  • Cannabis farmer, grower, cultivator 
  • Manager (operations, farming, etc)

Are cannabis degrees necessary for a career in the cannabis industry?

Yes and no. Cannabis courses and degrees are, of course, needed for those entering into cannabis jobs requiring specialized skill sets e.g. bio-pharmacists, chemists, growers, lab technicians, and pharmacologists. 

However, course and degree fees are high. People located on the lower end of the socioeconomic ladder face financial hurdles even with government funding in the form of grants. This puts poorer individuals at a disadvantage, both educationally and professionally. 

Cannabis scientist doing research and experiment

An even playing field for all in the cannabis industry is ideal but not always realistic, which is why other job opportunities requiring no academic certifications but a keen interest in cannabis are vital. 

Apprenticeships are the way forward and will allow people from all backgrounds (disadvantaged or not) a chance to learn and prosper within the cannabis industry. 

Is there a demand for jobs in the cannabis industry?

Yes. There’s a huge demand for jobs in the cannabis industry.  

According to Leafly’s Cannabis Jobs Report, cannabis is the fast-growing industry in the US, bringing in over 243,000 jobs by the beginning of 2020, amounting to 33,700 jobs created within 12 months. Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and Illinois were the leading states for jobs in cannabis. 

Cannabis job growth trend in the United States
Courtesy of Leafly

Throughout 2020, the cannabis industry saw an even bigger growth than in 2019 with approximately 77,300 cannabis and cannabis-related jobs created. This number indicates a 50% growth, bringing the total number of cannabis jobs to roughly 321,000 going into 2021. 

In comparison to other jobs, Leafly states there are now more full-time cannabis industry workers than there are electrical engineers. Let that sink in. 

Closing thoughts: What is the future of cannabis education?

With more U.S. states embracing cannabis legalization and increasing demand for jobs within the cannabis industry, we believe cannabis education will continue to rise. 

Universities, colleges, and other educational institutions will not only profit from the increased interest in cannabis careers but also provide cannabis organizations and companies with eager, educated, and knowledgeable job candidates. 

Speaking with Best Colleges, several experts pitched in their thoughts about the growing need for cannabis education.

Natalie Papillion, Founder, and Executive of The Equity Organization believes:

“You can’t throw people into this Wild West and expect success without investing in educational opportunities that are legitimate and up to date and well resourced.”

Morgan Fox, Media Relations Director of the National Cannabis Industry Association, reinforces Papillion’s sentiments, stating that “[Cannabis] course[s] and degree-track programs are certainly going to spur more interest in the field as a career and will help drive innovation that could create all sorts of additional opportunities.”