Ink Me Green: The Best Weed Tattoos We’ve Seen

A full list of the best cannabis ink we’ve seen on the internet this year. Some are outstanding. No. 6 is a personal favorite from our youth!

Cannabis leaf tattoo design on human arm
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When it comes to expressing oneself, tattoos are the greatest medium — even more so when they’re created from the mind of a stoner. You get bright colors, crazy shapes, and whacky abstract art all centered around our coveted marijuana plant.

The list below shows some of the greatest cannabis tattoos we’ve seen this year in 2023, which features a lot of eyes, animals, Pokemon, aliens, and, of course, blunts, joints, and bongs.

The Best Weed Tattoos

1. Eye see fields of green

2. High-ger

3. Simple and effective

4. When your high turns south

5. We’ve all been there

6. Bulbastoned

7. When problems don’t exist

8. The fourth not-so-blind mouse

9. Extraterrestrial pothead

10. Ready to fly

11. Opening the third eyes

12. Unleash them. Immediately!

13. Short, back, and sides?

14. Stunning!

15. The jar of life


As you can see, weed tattoo art is truly fascinating and gives you a permanent insight into the mind of a stoner champion! Unfortunately, we can’t list every single cannabis tattoo on the planet. However, if you think we’ve missed a couple of great tattoo pieces, let us know below and we’ll add them in!