The Top Cannabis Newsletters to Get The Latest Buzz on the Industry

Get your marijuana news, updates, and more right to your phone by subscribing to these top eight cannabis newsletters.

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Mell Green

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The cannabis industry is changing and evolving every day — and this can be a little difficult to keep up with. But, that’s exactly what cannabis newsletters are here for. 

Cannabis newsletters are an incredible resource when it comes to learning about certain updates, changes, or announcements within the world of weed. From business to culture and even finance and sciences, you can learn a lot just by subscribing to some expertly curated newsletters — like the eight favorites we listed below. 

Marijuana Moment

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Marijuana Moment is the perfect resource to turn to when you need your cannabis news — from culture to legislation and everything in between — all in one spot. Marijuana Moment publishes daily newsletters on their website, and to your email, which gets you up-to-date on everything that’s happening within the cannabis industry, both domestic and international. 

You can learn about the latest cannabis science studies, state regulations, and what other countries are doing around the world to further cannabis culture and acceptance. Truly, you’ll learn something new (marijuana-related) every day that you read a Marijuana Moment newsletter. 

Green Market Report 

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If you don’t mind some daily emails, the Green Market Report is the perfect cannabis newsletter for consistent updates on the world of weed. The Green Market Report is best for those interested in the financial aspects of the cannabis industry, as they share stories regarding investors, stocks, holding companies, dispensaries, and more.

Along with daily newsletters, when you sign up, you will also receive a weekly report that gives you everything you need to know about that week in weed. (But, again, don’t be surprised when you’re hearing from these guys every day.)  


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Another great source for legal and financial cannabis news is the newsletter from MJBizDaily. Each day, this publication will send you in-depth newsletters covering the top marijuana stories of that day. 

While these topics can vary, MJBizDaily does have a strong focus on cannabis finances and legal updates; so, if this is something you’re interested in staying on top of, MJBizDaily has you covered. You can also sign up for their other newsletters like MJBiz Hemp + CBD, MJBiz Retail + Brand, MJBiz Science, and more, depending on what most tickles your fancy. 

Harris Bricken’s Canna Law Blog

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Interested in cannabis law? Harris Bricken’s Canna Law Blog is a newsletter you can subscribe to to stay up to date on everything that happens in the world of cannabis legalization and regulation. You’ll read all about updates regarding both state and federal law in the US, and even learn more about specific technology updates or cannabis science that’s pertinent. 

The Canna Law Blog newsletter is straight and to the point; you won’t have to deal with any frills or fluff when reading, that’s for sure. So, if you’re someone who is interested in getting clear, concise updates about the world of cannabis law, the Canna Law Blog is one you’ve got to subscribe to.  

The Broccoli Report 

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The cleverly named Broccoli Report is a twice-weekly cannabis publication that’s here to inform you about everything the industry is undergoing — from legislation changes to emerging trends and everything in between. 

Written by Lauren Yoshiko, editor of The Broccoli, this newsletter has more voice than your average publication, making it fun to read and something you can easily look forward to every Monday and Friday (if you so choose). 

Cultivated by Jeremy Berke

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Cultivated is a straightforward, free, twice-weekly newsletter that covers pretty much all things cannabis. You’ll get updates relating to legalization, social justice, finance, and more — and it’s composed in an easy-to-read format.

As a mainstream financial reporter for nearly the past decade, Jeremy Berke aims for Cultivated to be the newsletter that he’s always wanted to read, one where the writer isn’t concerned with fluff and attraction, but talks directly to the readers themselves. If you subscribe to Cultivated, this is what you can expect to get twice a week in your inbox.


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Ganjapreneur is a major cannabis publication that covers marijuana news of all kinds, and so does their newsletter. When you sign up for Ganjapreneur’s newsletter, you can choose to receive information about retail operations; cultivation, production, and growing; extraction and processing; industrial hemp and CBD; or employment opportunities. 

Once you choose your ideal subject matter, Ganjapreneur sends out daily newsletters that keep you up-to-date on the top stories that most appeal to you. These newsletters are short, sweet, and to the point, making them perfect for starting your day. 


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Finally, if you’re interested in a more laid-back, cannabis-culture-focused newsletter, Leafly has you covered. Leafly sends out their newsletter a few times a week, often focusing on top news stories, popular products, and even the best deals in your area.

Leafly’s newsletters are fun and easy to read, keeping you engaged no matter what they’re talking about. The content isn’t copy-heavy, either, making it easy to scroll through quickly and get all the information you need in a flash. What more could you ask for from a cannabis newsletter? 

The Best Way to Keep Up-to-Date on All Things Cannabis

With things updating and changing within the cannabis sphere every single day, the best — and the easiest — way to stay in the know is by subscribing to the cannabis newsletters that cover the topics that you’re most interested in. 

Whether you’re into cannabis science, cultivation, or culture, you can learn a thing or two by signing up for any of the newsletters we’ve listed. And, trust us, this is one email that you would be upset about chiming in your inbox.