Best Cannabis Apps to Try This Year

And the best part? They’re all free to download!

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Cannabis mobile apps
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If you’re a cannabis user and require the latest and best weed apps currently on the market, make sure you free up some space on your smartphone because, boy, do we have something in store for you. We’ve tested 16 of the most popular cannabis apps ready for you to get started on this year. Some of the apps you probably already know about, while the others are pretty up-and-coming. 

Either way, they’re super useful, fun, and engaging. Better yet, most of them are completely free! So, do you want more of the cannabis world at your fingertips? Need an app capable of finding you the best cannabis strains out there? Simply looking for a cannabis mobile game to play with your buddies and kill some time?

16 Best Cannabis Apps


Weedmaps mobile app screenshot

Download on: App Store / Google Play

Touted as the “Yelp of cannabis”, Weedmaps is a long-standing veteran in the cannabis industry. The company was established in 2008 and the app release came shortly after. Since its inception, Weedmaps has attracted a huge audience in the US and beyond. To date, millions of people have downloaded the app, helping them find the best and most useful medical cannabis strains out there (among other fantastic features). 

Features & Benefits

  • Simple interface. Great navigation and layout. Use the map service to pinpoint your location and discover the world of legal cannabis in your local area. 
  • Best used in a U.S. state with legalized marijuana — offers deals, coupons, discounts, and recommendations across hundreds of trusted licensed dispensaries.
  • The app also recommends doctors offering medical cannabis to patients, as well as the latest news and developments on cannabis law, legislation, and regulation.
  • In-depth, insightful, and personalized cannabis strain recommendations with helpful user reviews.


Leafly mobile app

Download on: App Store / Google Play

Leafly is Weedmap’s fiercest competitor, offering a platform filled with everything you need to know about cannabis. Developed in the early 2010s, the app provides you with a whole bunch of awesome cannabis-related info, guidance, and advice, all packed into a nifty, sleek, and easy-to-use interface. You’ll discover the best dispensaries, deals, and discounts in your local area, as well as in-depth medical cannabis strain suggestions and lab testing data. 

Features & Benefits

  • Find cannabis dispensaries near you using the integrated Leafly map and browse their menus for the cannabis you require.
  • Discover the best cannabis products for you and your specific ailment, collated from thousands of individual reviews from like-minded users. Find cannabis flower, oils, capsules, gummies, and vapes for pain, inflammation, anxiety, etc. 
  • Find out the latest news as it happens via Leafly’s own News & Culture section, which compiles articles, guides, and news pieces on cannabis studies, research, legalization, and law changes (among others).

High There

High There cannabis social networking app

Download on: App Store / Google Play

High There is the ultimate cannabis-related social network. Designed to be the Facebook or Instagram of weed, the site is filled with budding cannabis users, enthusiasts, and experts, all sharing cannabis videos, images, advice, recommendations, and memes (among many other things). Well worth it for the connections themselves. 

Features & Benefits

  • Connect, engage, and learn with nearly a million like-minded cannabis experts, enthusiasts, growers, and cultivators by sharing stories, photos, advice, and recommendations.
  • Share your own cannabis-related content straight to your feed, allowing others to like, comment, and follow your stuff, while providing positive feedback and recommendations.
  • An essential app if you enjoy being part of a growing online cannabis community!


Eaze cannabis delivery mobile app screenshot

Download on: App Store / Google Play

One of, if not the most popular cannabis delivery service apps in California, Eaze acts as a middleman between you and legitimate cannabis dispensaries all across the Bear Flag State. Nicknamed the “Uber of Weed”, you’re able to purchase both hemp-derived CBD and marijuana-derived products at the push of a few buttons. Beginner-friendly and very “eazy” to use (sorry). 

Features & Benefits 

  • Safe, secure, and legal access to thousands of cannabis products all across your state. You’re able to conveniently order them and have it delivered right to your doorstep at a few touches of a button.
  • Able to purchase medical marijuana and hemp-derived CBD products (medical marijuana only available in select U.S. states). 

Where is Eaze medical marijuana delivery available?

  • California only 

Where is Eaze hemp-derived CBD delivery available?

Eaze ships to 45 U.S. states + DC, but doesn’t ship to Idaho, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Washington. 


Vana weed delivery app screenshot

Download on: App Store

Often recognized as Weedmaps and Leafly’s little brother, Vana is a cannabis app gaining a lot of traction. Once known as Muncheez until its name change in 2020, the company has gone from strength to strength in the past couple of years, offering cannabis education, cannabis/CBD store locators, and detailed guidance on cannabis brands all across the United States. Definitely one to download and try for yourself if the bigger cannabis apps aren’t doing much for you. 

Features & Benefits

  • Simple and easy-to-navigate interface. Great for newbies. 
  • Cannabis + CBD store locator. Browse locations in your city, menus, etc.
  • In-depth, detailed, and useful cannabis info, news, and education e.g. legislation, legalization, research, etc.
  • Discounts and coupons to save you money on your next cannabis brand, strain, or product. 
  • Frequent newsletters announcing the latest cannabis deals in your area.


PotBot cannabis app

Download on: App Store / Google Play

PotBot is a medical marijuana search engine created by PotBotics, a data aggregation and technology company based in New York. Designed with the sole intention of providing you highly personalized guidance on which medical marijuana strain suits your requirements, PotBot is a must for all patients enjoying the therapeutic value of cannabis. All guidance and info are backed by the latest up-to-date research and user-generated reviews, created and collected using advanced artificial intelligence. 

Features & Benefits

  • Uses state-of-the-art medical devices and equipment to analyze, evaluate, and validate cannabis and cannabinoid-based therapies and treatments. This info is then collated into the app’s database, providing you with exact, tailor-made guidance. 
  • Fully personalized cannabis recommendations (not “one-size-fits-all”). All recommendations come with advice on specific cannabinoid levels, consumption methods, and optimal strains, each tailored to your medicinal requirements.
  • Beginner-friendly, guiding you through confusing purchasing processes via in-depth cannabis information, dispensary recommendations, and clinic locations.


Hempire weed application

Download on: App Store / Google Play

Hempire is an app for all you weed-loving mobile gamers out there. Developed by LBC Studios, this highly interactive game is like The Sims but for growing families of cannabis instead. Once downloaded and installed, you’re instantly immersed in building your own cannabis empire from the bottom up, picking up knowledge on cannabis strains, growing, and cultivation. 

Features & Benefits

  • Amazing graphics and super engaging — an awesome mobile gaming app that’ll provide you with hours of fun, challenging you to grow and cultivate the perfect virtual cannabis strains.
  • Use your strains to create cannabis edibles such as brownies, cakes, and cookies, as well as craft your own kief, hash, shatter, rosin, and other concentrates — build your own storefront dispensary and begin to generate profit and revenue.
  • Be social, play against your friends, compete in the Hempire Cup, and fight for first place on the leaderboard.

Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm

Wiz Khalifa's weed farm app

Download on: App Store / Google Play

Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm is a mobile video game app where Wiz teaches you how to grow the best weed in a virtual world. You’ll learn all how to plant, grow, harvest, cultivate, and generally look after your cannabis plants in a fun, colorful, and engaging virtual world. Best played if you have time to kill and want to learn the basics real-life growers go through to get the best strains possible. 

Features & Benefits

  • Play a cannabis entrepreneur with the help of Wiz Khalifa, grow the best cannabis strains, and build a cannabis empire, all from the comfort of your own home.
  • Really sleek and well-thought-out interfacer and game design. We really enjoy how it’s immediately immersive. Doesn’t waste any time getting into the cannabis growing action!
  • Many ways to expand your cannabis empire e.g. investing in new enterprises, creating new strains, etc.
  • Play with your Facebook friends and grow your empire with them — a really cool feature we think. 


HiGrade weed app

Download on: App Store / Google Play

HiGrade is a revolutionary cannabis app unlike many others currently out there on the market. Described as a “THC Testing & Cannabis Growing Assistant”, you’re able to test your cannabis and receive strain-specific growing and cultivation guidance straight from your smartphone. 

Features & Benefits 

  • Simple, quick, and easy to use — take three photos of your cannabis flower, upload them, and the app will provide a detailed and accurate analysis of its THC levels. 
  • HiGrade stores all the results in the app for you to reference, making it easier to keep track of which type of cannabis flower is best for you.
  • Useful for casual and professional cannabis growers. HiGrade features a cannabis growing assistant specific to the plant(s) you’re growing, helping you get the best results without any guesswork. 

Don’t forget the HiGrade Scope

In order to get the most out of HiGrade, the company encourages you to purchase the HiGrade Scope, a separate phone camera attachment to help you take high-resolution photos of your cannabis flower for better, more accurate testing results. Purchasing this attachment comes with a one-year Higrade Pro subscription, allowing you access to the THC testing and growing assistant features. 


TheWeedTube app screenshot

Download on: App Store / Google Play

TheWeedTube is the brainchild of former Youtubers who got censored by the platform for uploading cannabis-related video content. Established in the late-2010s, TheWeedTube provides content creators a new and safe way to upload cannabis videos without fear of censorship. Here, you’ll find a large array of educational, engaging, and entertaining cannabis-centric video content. 

Features & Benefits

  • Unfiltered access to the very best cannabis video content on the internet today.
  • Amazing alternative to YouTube. Very little-to-no restrictions or censorship. Thousands of cannabis education, guidance, advocacy, and entertainment videos at your disposal. 
  • Sign-up and interact with other users and content creators — very much a tight-knit community feel with like-minded cannabis enthusiasts, advocates, and users.

Does TheWeedTube only host cannabis videos and content?

No, TheWeedTube doesn’t just host cannabis videos and content. The app also has lifestyle, fitness, gaming, and travel videos as well, making it quite a well-rounded platform for users outside the cannabis industry and community. 

New Cannabis Ventures

Weed mobile app for financial news and stock tracking

Download on: App Store / Google Play

New Cannabis Ventures is an app focusing on the business and investment side of the cannabis industry. If you’re in the cannabis industry as a business, investor, trader, or enthusiast, this app is 100% for you. Incredibly useful information from industry experts and professionals. 

Feature & Benefits

  • The platform provides you original, in-depth, and high-quality content and news to do with cannabis stocks and investment opportunities, as well as promising cannabis companies and the latest trends in the market. 
  • If you’re a cannabis entrepreneur, you can discover other companies and organizations in the industry and connect with experienced investors to help build your cannabis brand. 

Grounded: Quit Weed

Mobile app for quitting weed

Download on: App Store / Google Play

Referred to as the #1 app for quitting weed or taking a tolerance break, Grounded: Quit Weed is a fantastic resource. Loads of different features to help you take that much-needed time out from weed. Particularly useful if you’re abusing cannabis and it’s affecting your personal life and mental health. 

Features & Benefits

  • You’re able to track your daily feelings, thoughts, and emotions while coming off weed using the weed tracker. 
  • Awesome rewards and achievement unlocks when you hit those all-important milestones. 
  • The integrated quit cannabis tracker will count how many days, minutes, and seconds you’ve managed to go without consuming weed. 
  • Provides you detailed health stats and how long you have to go before your tolerance has been reset. 


Releaf app screenshot

Download on: App Store / Google Play

Releaf is the ultimate tool for medical marijuana or hemp-derived CBD patients looking for advice, guidance, and information within the cannabis industry. You’ll find a huge array of useful features to help you make an informed product choice on how best to approach the cannabis and CBD purchasing process, as well as uncover where to obtain a medical marijuana card (among many others). 

Features & Benefits

  • Releaf is a vital tool for identifying the best, most effective cannabis and CBD product delivery methods and dosing practices, helping you make a more informed choice.
  • Also good for finding the right strains, products, formulations for a particular ailment.
  • Track your dosing, feelings, emotions, side effects, and level of symptom relief using the integrated interactive tracker — very useful for medical cannabis and CBD patients wanting to keep a data-driven journal. 
  • Find licensed physicians in your local area able to provide you a medical marijuana card and advice. 


Jointly cannabis mobile app

Download on: App Store / Google Play

Jointly is an app that acts as the ultimate guide to optimizing your cannabis experience — with a slight twist. Within the app, you’ll find a set of 15 factors that can impact your cannabis experience and the results you get from consumption. The idea behind this is to look at your cannabis experience in a far more rounded way than simply working or not working. Great for medical marijuana patients with one or a number of ailments. 

Features & Benefits

  • Simple interface. Nothing complicated. Even fresh-faced newbies will find it easy to understand.
  • Focuses heavily on achieving goals — set your cannabis goals (e.g. more relaxation, anxiety reduction, social enjoyment), track your progress, and discover new and more effective products out there tailored to you. 
  • Learn about how cannabis affects your endocannabinoid system and other physiological functions. 


BudLabs cannabis app

Download on: App Store / Google Play

Referred to as one of the best apps for hydroponic cannabis growing, BudLabs offers a serious amount of guidance, knowledge, and information on how to grow your cannabis in the right way via an advanced, built-in nutrient calculator. This calculator almost guarantees reliable and consistent results you can be proud of!

Features & Benefits

  • Helps you organize each step of the growing process, providing you with an exact feeding schedule and exact proportions/measurements. The app even shows you measurement diagrams and images.  
  • Provides detailed info on the company’s own range of cannabis nutrition products e.g. how to use them, measurements, etc.
  • Support and advice from expert growers in the field.


Download on: App Store

420TV is a one-of-its-kind TV and movie entertainment platform similar to Netflix and HBO but only contains cannabis-related content. The TV and movie content covers a wide range of cannabis topics such as news, entertainment, lifestyle, culture, and history. Loads of awesome documentaries, feature films, comedy, music, and live events. 

Features & Benefits

  • Completely free to download and watch — no payment necessary.
  • Content is streamable in 4k resolution. You’ll be able to see the cannabis bud as if it’s right in front of you!
  • A huge amount of old and new content — we recommend the vintage stoner movies if you’re having a session with your buddies.