Happy 710 Dab Day

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Dabbing weed on 710
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One of the best days of the year is coming up for all you cannabis connoisseurs. While it may not be as popular as 4/20, 7/10 is a day that the cannabis community can truly come together and bond over one of their favorite pastimes: dabbing.


  • July 7th, otherwise known as 7/10 day or National Dab Day, is a day the cannabis community has dedicated to cannabis oils, concentrates, and other extracts.
  • 7/10 is a fairly new holiday in the cannabis world, but it is quickly gaining popularity as concentrates do too.
  • This day is primarily meant for dabbing, the act of vaporizing super-high concentrations of extracted cannabis oils. 
  • On 7/10, you can celebrate however you want, whether that be stocking up on concentrates, vaping in the woods, or trying shatter for the first time.

What is 7/10?

Celebrated on July 7th, 7/10 day is a ‘holiday’ honored by cannabis consumers used to show appreciation towards concentrates like wax, hash, and other oils. When upside-down, 710 looks like the word ‘OIL,’ and that’s been good enough for smokers everywhere to embrace the day as their own.

From waxes to shatter to tinctures, all things cannabis concentrates are embraced during 7/10, and, typically, flower is left to the wayside during this one day of the year. (After all, that’s what 4/20 is for!) While this day likely won’t bring any national attention or community events, as concentrates aren’t quite as widely accepted as dried flower, you’ll probably notice friends from all over the country indulging in a few more dabs than you’re used to seeing. But, the beauty of the holiday is that every dabber can celebrate in their own intoxicating ways. 

How did National Dab Day come to be?

7/10 day is a somewhat new holiday for cannabis connoisseurs, with its roots only stretching back to around 2012 when events like the 710 Cup came into fruition. As states begin to legalize cannabis, the acceptance of concentrates slowly came with it, and, soon, 7/10 day was established in the US.

Not nearly as historic, or even as popular, as 4/20, 7/10 is just beginning to create a name for itself. However, the more popularity concentrates gain as the market continues to flourish, the more mainstream it will become in the world of cannabis; with this, there’s a chance that hearing ‘710’ will be just as familiar (and exciting) as hearing someone talk about 420.

Okay, so what is dabbing?

Dabbing is the act of vaporizing your cannabis concentrates at super high temperatures and typically inhaling from a glass piece called a rig. Dabbing is similar to the act of smoking cannabis flower, only dabbing requires much higher temperatures and specialized tools to get the job done. 

Dabs themselves are concentrated doses of cannabis that have been extracted from the cannabis plant in various different ways to achieve certain results. The way these cannabinoids are extracted results in different consistencies of dabs, with some being viscus and stretchy, while others will shatter almost at the touch. 

If you have a rig, you’ll need to utilize a torch to heat up the nail of your piece, which is the part that the dab goes into. Collect a small amount of concentrate on your chosen dab tool, heat up the rig until it’s red hot, and then it’s time to dab. How hot you take your dab is up to you: whenever you feel the rig is at the perfect temperature, drop your dab in and inhale the vapor. With a couple of seshes, dabbing will be just as easy as taking a bong rip.

Best Ways to Celebrate 7/10

Celebrating 7/10 is easy. All you need is some concentrates and an appreciation for the plant that they come from. 

Participate — duh!

When it comes to actual events, if you live in a legalized state, there’s a good chance you’ll see some special deals going on at your local dispensaries. You’ll be able to stock up on all of your favorite oils, concentrates, and other extracts; though, you definitely won’t be the only one doing so. After all, one of the best ways to celebrate is to partake in the goodies themselves.

Try Something New

Utilize this holiday to branch out from your typical cannabis products. If you’re someone who is used to smoking joints or taking a few THC-infused gummies, maybe try a new product on 7/10. Oils are a great way of introducing a different, gentle way of enjoying cannabis, while a gram of wax may give you a whole new cannabis perspective. Don’t be afraid to break your routine a bit and try something new and fun this cannabis holiday. 

Get out to the Great Outdoors

Concentrates and the great outdoors go hand-in-hand. Though you probably should avoid bringing your rig and torch out to the woods, going for a hike with a portable vape pen or enjoying a few dabs before an outdoor yoga sesh can feel like a transformative experience, especially on 7/10. Try combining Mother Nature with cannabis oil and embrace naturality at its finest. 

Final thoughts: Celebrate Cannabis

Regardless of how you choose to spend your 7/10, do so with both respect and education of the cannabis plant. When you understand cannabis, understanding its different forms, like oils, is even easier; always take the time to research different types of concentrates to find which ones pique your interest the most. 

Then, once July 10th rolls around, you can indulge in some of cannabis’ most potent, premium forms.