How Flowerhead Gets You Closer Than Ever to Craft Cannabis Brands

Explore craft cannabis brands in a whole new, much more personal way with the Flowerhead cannabis marketplace.

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Mell Green

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Let’s be honest: finding the right cannabis product in this day and age isn’t easy. There are so many products to choose from, so many hoops to jump through, and way too many subpar brands that just aren’t worth your money. So, how is it possible to ever find the right products for you in your area? Flowerhead thinks they have this covered. 

Flowerhead is a new cannabis marketplace that is designed for cannabis connoisseurs to come and find the best craft cannabis products and accessories available. With huge focuses on experience, aesthetics, and discovery, Flowerhead aims to be your one-stop shop for all things craft cannabis, and eventually even CBD. Their marketplace showcases certified cannabis brands that exceed quality-control standards, giving customers the option of choosing from only the best of the best. 

But, how does Flowerhead work? What can the brand do for cannabis consumers like us? To find out, we’ve sat down with John Gold, the mastermind behind Flowerhead. In our interview, we talk in-depth about this new venture of his and how it can impact the cannabis community and its accessibility. 

From Affiliate to Cannabis Marketing

Despite being knee-deep in the cannabis world today, Gold didn’t start there. His career began in the affiliate world, where he noticed the popularity of partnering with brands and selling their products using a “no-touch” system. 

“Like, if you liked the actor’s t-shirt, you find out exactly where they got that T-shirt and click through and purchase it,” Gold explained when asked about how his path started. “That sort of blew my mind because I had no idea that there was this sort of machinery working in the background on most websites. I knew that someday I would be able to use this knowledge for the cannabis world.” 

And he did. 

The Blossoming of Flowerhead

By partnering with 35 brands currently, Gold was able to create a cannabis marketplace for those who care about their cannabis products and where they come from. Site users can log onto Flowerhead and see exactly what kinds of cannabis products are in their area, learning about the products’ brand, background, and specifications — including who grew them and what the farms look like.

People are starting to pay more and more attention to where their weed is grown, how it’s grown — even why it’s grown — and if it’s grown by people who put all their love into it.

Growing premium cannabis flower in a farm up the mountains
Tina Gordon relocated to Southern Humboldt County in 2007, seeking freedom from the density of urban life and the space to grow some long-held aspirations. Photo: Moon Made Farms / Flowerhead

“Most of our farm partners and brands are organically grown, sun-grown, really part of this sort of smaller lane that’s expanding right now,” Gold says. “And, people are starting to pay more and more attention to where their weed is grown, how it’s grown — even why it’s grown — and if it’s grown by people who put all their love into it. That’s sort of the theme of Flowerhead right now.” 

Trimming cannabis flower in sunny California
Today, Tina thrives as an active cannabis farmer and advocate, having experienced firsthand the many benefits of sustainably-grown therapeutic cannabis and food-based medicine. Photo: Moon Made Farms / Flowerhead

How Flowerhead is Changing Craft Cannabis Accessibility 

Right now, there are so many different cannabis products on the market, each one coming from different companies that get their flower from different growers. This can make it tough to find the small-batch, home-grown cannabis that most consumers are searching for these days. After all, how do you find small farms in a dispensary full of hundreds of options? 

The answer, John Gold hopes, lies within Flowerhead: “You know, the term craft cannabis is pretty nebulous, at this point. There’s no, you know, like, a major certification process for organic cannabis right now.” He explains. So, picking the brands he wants to showcase on the site isn’t a quick and easy process. 

I’m creating a space where brands can portray themselves in their own words, and they can show their virtues in their own words.

Craft cannabis product made with weed and botanical herbs
“From hopping trains out of Chang Mai to working on a cannabis farm, Drew Martin is an herbalist, James Beard award-winning mixologist, and wanderer. The company is committed to creating a more inclusive, equitable, and beautiful industry.” Photo: Drew Martin / Flowerhead

“I generally try to just assess if this brand is doing more good than harm. In general, I mean, short of sending inspectors or my own group of people to make sure that they are actually organic, or they are actually regenerative, or any of these other virtues,” Gold went on to say, “I’m creating a space where brands can portray themselves in their own words, and they can show their virtues in their own words.” 

From there, he’s able to create a cannabis marketplace that boasts only the best of the best, both for customers and the environment. The brands that Gold chooses to have on Flowerhead specialize in small-batch, craft cannabis flower and cannabis products that may be difficult to find otherwise. These brands may not have the money or marketing presence to advertise like some of the bigger names do, making it more difficult for them to grow on their own. But, with the help of a marketplace like Flowerhead, all of these top-shelf cannabis brands are in one place, at your disposal. 

The Future of Flowerhead’s Flower Selection

Right now, Flowerhead only features marijuana products and accessories, but Gold’s next goal is to step into the world of CBD, too. “For CBD products, that is the next frontier for us. Because again, especially for CBD. I mean, it’s so ubiquitous, and there are so many different brands. You very rarely can just discover where that product comes from.” 

Gold goes on to explain, “A lot of [CBD] is super processed and weird. A lot of it doesn’t even come from the United States. And that’s really important.” With this, Gold wants Flowerhead to also become a place that people can rely on for quality, pure, home-grown CBD products, too. But, as he explains, that is the next frontier, and the brand still has a way to go before making it there just yet.

What Makes Flowerhead Different?

In a time where anyone and everyone is becoming interested in cannabis, it can be tough to differentiate yourself. So, what makes Flowerhead different than other marijuana marketplaces, and why would a brand be interested in advertising on the site? 

The answer is a bit simpler than we thought: “You can tell a story of a brand in five photographs.” Gold tells us. “And those five photographs are missing from just about every online menu that you see right now.”

Flowerhead allows brands to tell a story and connect customers to the real people behind a smaller brand. That connection can do wonders, especially for those who truly care about the source of their flower. 

Small cannabis farm owners in California
Photo: Emerald Spirit Botanicals / Flowerhead

As he explains, Flowerhead allows brands the chance to really showcase their products and their strengths through the use of photographs. Photos of the actual flower, packaging, where it’s grown, the farm, the farmers themselves — all of these things help tell a story and connect customers to the real people behind a smaller brand. And that connection can do wonders, especially for those who truly care about the source of their flower. 

Simply put, Gold comments, “…Aside from the do-good aspect of it, and aside from the respect for the environment, personally, I think it’s kind of fun to discover where your weed comes from.” 

Farm owner is smoking weed at a local farm in California
Photo: Flowerhead

And he’s not the only one who thinks this way. Today, Flowerhead is marketing exactly to those consumers, helping you get a better, closer understanding of your cannabis products in a way you’ve never been able to before. 

Exploring a New Cannabis Marketplace With Flowerhead

Sneakerheads, move over — it’s time for Flowerheads to make their presence known. For any cannabis connoisseur who is tired of settling for subpar products or is frustrated trying to wade through brand after brand, Flowerhead is made for you. With elaborate visions and priorities regarding marijuana accessibility and quality, I can almost guarantee that Flowerhead will quickly become your go-to craft cannabis marketplace in the next few months. To stay up-to-date with this developing brand, you can head to their website.

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