Chatting With CV Sciences: A True Pioneer in Hemp Safety & Education

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When it comes to CBD, few companies prioritize science-based wellness the way that CV Sciences does.

CV Sciences is one of the world’s leading hemp companies that’s focused on setting the standard in cannabinoid quality and safety — and the brand has accomplished all of that and much more. Today, CV Sciences has set the precedence for how every hemp company should operate, and we just had to know more.

That’s why we’ve sat down with Joseph Dowling, head of CV Sciences, to get to know this brand even better — and find out how others can learn from their science-based approach, too. 

How CV Sciences Is Setting the Precedent for Hemp Companies Everywhere

Simply put, CV Sciences is one of the most trusted hemp brands on the market. But, achieving this status hasn’t come easily. 

It’s thanks to comprehensive research, continual education, after-market safety surveys, and more that CV Sciences has been able to become the hemp pioneer that they are today, and Dowling believes that the brand can attribute most of that success to the very seeds of their plants and the experts that cultivate them. 

“At CV Sciences, we truly believe how you do anything is how you do everything. That’s why, from Seed to Shelf, we are committed to providing safe and effective hemp CBD products for all consumers,” the CEO explains.

This, combined with the team’s experience within the world of wellness, Dowling was able to curate a team that offered a wealth of knowledge that not every company has. “Our team at CV Sciences comes from a deep knowledge of the dietary supplement industry. We saw so much promise early on with CBD and knew it needed to be explained, marketed, and sold responsibly,” says Dowling.

However, in order to do this, CV Sciences knew they needed another perspective, one that knew the ins and outs of hemp science the way that customers deserved. So today, not only does CV Sciences have their own medical advisor, but they have additional educators, too.

When asked about these specific team members, Dowling explained that the team wanted to surround themselves with highly educated medical advisors, as well as subject matter experts, to ensure they could properly grow their business, providing consumers with as accurate, up-to-date information as possible. 

So, when you’re browsing the CV Sciences team, you’ll find scientific researchers, quality assurance/control professionals, physicians — all the experts a hemp company should boast for ultimate peace of mind. 

It is these elements — medical advisors and educators, trustworthy farmers, and dedication to plant-based science — that label CV Sciences as a leader in the industry, setting the precedent for all other hemp companies behind them. 

“We are proud of our commitment to not cutting corners and a meticulous ingredient selection process when developing and producing our products,” says Dowling. “Our company truly believes that this commitment to going the extra mile will allow us to maintain consistent, superior, high-quality products.”   

A Commitment to Hemp Safety & Education

Let’s face it, though: many brands claim that they place importance on hemp safety and education, but do they really? At CV Sciences, the efforts are obvious.

It should come as no surprise that CV Sciences was the first hemp extract supplement brand to invest in the scientific evidence necessary to receive the Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status.

Having a GRAS status as a CBD company is rare — rarer than it should be — but it’s something that CV Sciences takes significant pride in. They also ensure to always follow the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines, never cutting any corners within their meticulous ingredient selection process, as Dowling describes it.

Reaching these kinds of milestones and having these accreditations allows customers to enjoy the brand with much more peace of mind than usual. Instead of scrambling to find updated COAs or decent ingredient lists, CV Sciences gives its customers everything they need to know about the brand and the product itself. There’s no guessing: just potent, efficient, and pure products.

It is worth noting that if you do some deep-diving into CV Sciences website, you’ll discover that the brand sources some of its hemp from Europe, not in the United States. At first glance, this can be off-putting, especially after learning about the brand’s dedication to quality and safety. However, this is just another layer of what helps make CV Science the pioneer the brand is today.

“The primary consideration for us is to use the safest, most effective, and highest quality ingredients, including all cannabinoids that we formulate into our products,” explains Dowling. 

“Over 10 years ago when the company was founded, there was no hemp industry in the U.S. As a result, we established relationships with European suppliers long before the 2014 or 2018 Farm Bills were passed. We continue to maintain these relationships and have added new U.S.-based hemp growers/processors after the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill.” 

The CEO goes on to explain that, regardless of the source, the specifications for the brand’s CBD oil formula are consistent across the board.

“The CBD market is global, ingredient supply will be global as well,” notes Dowling. “Making sure that uniform specifications are achieved at the highest quality standard, again, is the primary consideration.”    

What Others Can Learn From CV Sciences’ Expertise

From sustainability to cannabis science and absolutely everything in between, there’s a lot that other hemp companies can learn from CV Sciences.

While many brands have a focus on bettering wellness as a whole, CV Science has a goal to better both customers and the planet with the production and consumption of their products.

“We work hard to ensure our actions and product positively impact customers and the planet through our extraction processes, packaging, organic farming practices, and more,” explains Dowling. The brand chooses to use glass bottles for its products whenever possible, and the company’s CBD oil comes from agricultural hemp grown using organic farming methods. 

The choices that CV Sciences make are simple — they are decisions that the average CBD company has the ability to reach, as well. However, many are too focused on the big picture to hone in on the details; because of this, corners get cut and quality is sacrificed — as is the impact on the environment. 

“We have witnessed that there are hundreds or even thousands of brands operating as bad actors producing ‘flavor of the month varietals’ to win over the hearts and minds of consumers. At CV Sciences, we pride ourselves on building a sensible regulatory framework to ensure consumer safety is not jeopardized,” explains the CEO. 

“By leaning into the science and data and working diligently with our team of experts, we have been able to produce products that make real differences in consumers’ health and wellness journeys, and that’s what sets us apart. We let our products speak for us rather than relying on unsubstantiated medical claims, which many brands indiscriminately place on their packaging to increase sales.”

Dowling concludes that the company crafts high-quality wellness products “inspired by nature and refined by science” to help guarantee the quality and safety that buyers these days are seeking. With these measures in place, CV Sciences wants customers to be able to make purchases with as much ease and confidence as possible.

In a time where the hemp industry isn’t quite as regulated as it should be, having these standards in place is not only essential, but it’s something that all other companies in the field should learn from and take after. The regulations that CV Sciences has in place to ensure safety and quality are the standards that help give the industry the credibility it so desperately needs — especially when consumers have so many subpar brands to wade through. 

CV Sciences on the Hemp Industry’s Biggest Developments 

As a hemp company, CV Sciences is at the forefront of change. Since 2018, cannabinoid popularity has absolutely exploded, particularly as the country has seen the emergence of hemp-derived synthetic cannabinoids.

However, CV Sciences is staying true to its roots. If you’re hoping to find delta-8 or THCO from CV’s brands in the future, you’re out of luck: these synthetic compounds go against practically everything that the company stands for: “At CV Sciences, we rely on science and data to formulate our products to ensure their safety and efficacy. For these reasons, we don’t plan to include synthetic cannabinoids for our product roadmap,” Dowling clarifies.

This doesn’t mean that CV Sciences isn’t planning on expanding, though. With an industry that’s always changing, the brand strives to stay ahead of the curve.

“We are always looking to expand our product offering and diversify the company… Our primary goal in developing new products is to meet the needs of our customers. Our product development efforts are focused on the needs and medical indications that are most urgent for customers and patients to live a happier and healthier lifestyle.”

As a brand that’s wholly focused on a science-based wellness approach, CV Sciences is actually looking into the connection between CBD and nicotine addiction, as well. This is something the company is both proud of and excited about.   

“Our development program for nicotine addiction has shown strong early evidence of effectiveness in using CBD to treat nicotine addiction,” says Dowling. “This program is even more exciting since we recently received a patent on this technology from the Japan Patent Office, to go along with other issued patents on this technology in the United States, Canada, Australia, and six European countries.”

He explains that a nicotine de-action product would benefit public health beyond just the states — it would benefit health globally. This overarching goal and keeping the needs of the general public in mind completely align with what we know about CV Sciences. 

All in all, CV Sciences has values deeply rooted in science, education, and public health — and they’re not planning on changing that any time soon. 

The brand stays dedicated to funding new research and learning all they need to know about the cannabis plant and its potential applications. And, unfortunately, this simply isn’t something you can say about most hemp brands on the market. Thankfully, CV Sciences is working to change that. 

Experience High-Quality Standards With CV Sciences

CV Sciences is an online retailer that sells a multitude of CBD and other wellness products for consumers to try. The products are priced well and are shipped throughout the country, allowing consumers of all types to easily experience the beauty of a hemp pioneer like CV Sciences. 

Take it from Dowling himself: “From Seed to Shelf, we are committed to providing safe and effective hemp CBD products for all consumers.” It’s as simple as that.