How to Make Your Own CBD Capsules

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Making CBD capsules
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Right now, CBD consumption is more popular than ever. In a time where we’re so highly concerned with our health and wellness, any product that can give you a boost of support may do wonders for your mindset. Products like CBD oil capsules, in particular, are highly sought-after due to their ease and accessibility. 

CBD oil capsules’ newfound popularity has created a huge demand for products like these, leaving many wondering if it’s possible to craft some yourself. Thankfully, it is! Today, we’re talking all about CBD oil capsules and how to make some right at home.


  • Making your own CBD soft gels is an easy, beneficial process that can be done by all CBD consumers. Not all CBD products can be easily handcrafted, but oil capsules’ versatile and convenient materials make it possible for every consumer to make their own.
  • CBD oil capsules are soft gels filled with CBD oil, designed to be taken with water like a pill.
  • CBD oil softgels are popular because they can help you with many common issues at home, such as anxiety or mild pain.
  • To make your own, you will need high-quality CBD oil and empty softgels. 
  • Once you have the materials, separate the capsule into two and fill the large end with your desired dose of CBD. Reseal the capsule and take it with water.
  • CBD oil capsules are easy to make, beneficial, and make your CBD experience all the more individualized.

Making your own CBD capsules

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With how popular CBD capsules are getting, many consumers are learning how to make them themselves, crafting the ultimate individualized dose of CBD. Here’s how to make CBD-infused capsules at home:

Crafting CBD Oil From Scratch

There are a few different ways you can choose to craft your own CBD oil. To do this you’re going to need: 

  • About 7-10 grams of dried decarboxylated cannabis flower
  • 1 cup of coconut oil 
  • A double-boiler
  • A cheesecloth
  • A strainer
  • One glass bowl
  • An airtight storage container

To make your own CBD oil, start by adding water into the bottom of your double-boiler. Then, add your one cup of coconut oil to the top section and wait for it to melt. 

Once everything has melted together well, add in your decarboxylated cannabis flower. It’s best for the buds to be small in size, but not ground up. Let the cannabis flower heat up in the double-boiler, on a low-heat, for between 30 minutes to an hour. Using a thermometer, test the temperature of your mixture. You’re aiming for between 130 °F and 150 °F. 

After your buds have been boiled out, line your strainer with some cheesecloth and place it over your bowl. Then, pour your new cannabis mixture into the cheesecloth, gently squeezing any excess liquid out. Be careful here, as the liquid will be hot. 

Finally, put this mixture into your airtight container and let it rest in a cool, dark place. Within about a day, you’ll be ready to use this oil for your homemade capsules. 

Now, let’s talk about making those CBD softgels.

2. Materials You’ll Need

Thankfully, making CBD capsules yourself isn’t a difficult task. With just a few materials and a little bit of time, you’re able to easily craft your own capsules. When doing this, you can ensure that you’re giving yourself the perfect dose for you, not anyone else. 

CBD oil: Of course, the most important thing you’ll need is your favorite CBD oil. If you’ve never tried CBD oil before, that’s okay! Do some research to see which CBD companies align themselves with values like yours. Along with this, find a brand that offers a gentle dose of CBD for you to start with. If you’re more experienced with cannabidiol and know you can handle a higher dose, that’s great, too.

Vegetarian capsules: Along with your go-to CBD oil, the only other thing you’ll need is a vegetarian capsule of some type. You can easily purchase empty bulk softgels that are ready to be filled; that’s exactly what you need here. After that, you’re ready to make your own CBD capsules.

3. Crafting Your Own In Just A Few Easy Steps

To craft your own CBD capsules, start by separating your capsule into two pieces. They should come already ready to be opened, so don’t worry about cutting them in half or anything. Instead, the softgels will separate, with the top half being much smaller than the other. Set the small end aside for now. 

Then, take your CBD oil and fill your dropper with as much oil as you want. Then, transfer that oil into your softgels without spilling. Make sure to give every capsule the same amount of CBD for a consistent dose

After the capsule is full, take the small end of the softgels and screw it back on. Now, the only thing left to do is swallow. It’s truly as simple as that to create your own capsules. 

Enjoying The Benefits 

Simply put, CBD softgels are an incredibly easy way to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol. With how expensive these products can be, making your own may be the difference between getting your daily dose of wellness and not. So, why not take your health back into your own hands?

When making your own CBD capsules, make sure to do so with care and precision. Ensure your capsules are consistent, sealed well, and filled with high-quality, third-party lab-tested oils. Then, you can relish in the beauty of these easy-to-make oil softgels.

What are CBD oil capsules?

Far different from your typical CBD flower or CBD-infused edibles, CBD oil capsules are consumable soft gels filled with varying doses of cannabidiol and a carrier oil. The soft gel capsules are made with organic, all-natural ingredients so you can take the whole capsule just as you would your everyday vitamin. 

These types of CBD products are widely popular primarily for their accessibility. For those who are new in the cannabidiol scene, trying to navigate products like tinctures or edibles may feel a bit intimidating, not to mention, they don’t always taste the best. CBD oil capsules, however, avoid all of that. 

Softgels aren’t going to produce any residual taste. Instead, with a simple sip of water, you just take the dose of CBD and forget about it. The onset time for these types of products is going to be different for everybody, but most consumers will feel effects after about an hour, possibly less depending on the concentration and dosage.