What Is Hemp Flower?

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Usually called CBD Hemp Flower, is a cannabis flower without many other cannabinoids, particularly THC. The cannabis community comes with confusing terminology, so today, we’re talking about CBD flower and everything that comes with it. As a product that’s quickly gaining popularity, interests are getting piqued and everyone wants to know what the big deal is. 

CBD Flower looks the same as a bud of weed, except it’s light on (or void of) THC and heavy on Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabigerol (CBG). Below, we’ve broken down exactly what hemp flower is, its benefits, and how you can enjoy some yourself.

What is hemp flower?

  • CBD flower is bud that has been cultivated from the hemp plant, resulting in a product with high levels of CBD and non-traceable amounts of THC. 
  • CBD flower is easily smokable, though it does not contain properties that can get you high, like THC.
  • Many turn to CBD flower for its potent medicinal benefits alleviating pain, depression, anxiety, anorexia, nausea, opioid dependence and more. 
  • Smoking CBD flower proves most advantageous when considering bioavailability, taste, and overall experience; however, you can choose to vape or bake with your CBD flower, too.
  • Great for relieving stress and achieving feelings of calm, CBD flower is a perfect alternative for those who don’t like the effects of regular ol’ marijuana.

What is CBD Hemp Flower?

First, it’s important to establish just what CBD flower is. When we talk about “flower,” we are referring to the smokable part of the cannabis plant or the “bud” as it is also known. CBD flower, then, is a flower that has been harvested containing only high levels of CBD, not THC. 

The hemp plant, another cannabis genus offspring, produces flower rich in CBD and is easily cultivated thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. Female hemp plants tend to contain very high levels of CBD, making them the perfect option for harvesting CBD flower. CBD Flower is 0.3% THC, whereas general Cannabis Flower ranges from all strengths, to all Cannabinoids.

CBD flower, though able to be smoked like your typical cannabis, is not designed to get you high whatsoever. This type of bud does not contain the psychoactive cannabinoids that marijuana does, and, thus, does not produce intoxicating effects. Instead, CBD flower is primarily relied upon for its therapeutic, calming characteristics. 

Why CBD Flower Instead of Marijuana Flower?

Medical Marijuana is used all over the country. Despite having many health benefits also, it does have several more side-effects. Not least inducing psychosis or paranoia (at high doses) in some smokers. 

CBD doesn’t contain these side effects nor does it have any evidence of lasting mental or physical harm. THC specializes in helping chronic pain such as arthritis. 

The Benefits of CBD Flower

It may sound counterproductive to smoke something that isn’t going to make you high, but CBD flower can actually provide serious medicinal benefits that won’t leave you feeling like you’ve gained nothing. 

CBD inhalation is one of the most effective ways of enjoying the beneficial cannabinoid. With smoking, the cannabinoid is able to travel directly to your lungs and then disperse as needed, eventually crossing the blood/brain barrier and helping you feel the euphoric, relaxing effects that CBD is known for. 

As the CBD is working throughout the body, you’re able to experience waves of wellness — we’re talking pain relief, reduced muscle tension, enhancements in your mood, and feelings of overall balance. Unlike with edibles or even tinctures, you don’t have to wait to feel effects: with CBD flower, they hit almost instantly. Thanks, bioavailability! 

Hemp flower benefits include:

  • Sleep Aid
  • Pain Relief
  • Anti-Anxiety
  • Stress Relief

CBD flower also allows for you to fully enjoy all the plant has to offer in terms of its other phytochemicals. With products like extracts, the plant’s terpenes and flavonoids are typically disturbed, disrupting the original structure and flavor of the buds themselves. With CBD flower, however, all of that is left untouched. Instead, you experience comprehensive flavor profiles that other CBD products struggle to provide. 

CBD Flower Cannabinoids

CBD Flowers, mostly CBD, spectrums of cannabinoids (like oil), mostly only contain CBG, the mother of cannabinoids. 

How to Enjoy CBD Flower

Smoking hemp flower is easily the most efficacious way of enjoying this non-intoxicating treat. 

Just as you would your regular cannabis, you can grind your CBD flower and add it into bowls, pipes, joints, and even vaporizers. With a few puffs, you’ll experience almost instant effects that typically last around 30 minutes to an hour. 

Choosing to smoke CBD is also the best way to experience the bud’s full properties including smell and taste. When smoked, all of the characteristics are released and, depending on your strain, you’ll start to taste the various different notes found within the flower itself. Take the time to research the strain you’re smoking so you know what to expect from aromas and effects.

But, if you don’t want to smoke CBD flower, you don’t have to. You have the option of putting some buds into your vaporizer and enjoying it that way, or you can bake it into foods for infused snack time. Try cooking your CBD flower into butter or oil and then adding it into your recipes. You’ll find not only a calming effect from your meal, but the hemp’s flavors will be almost completely disguised, too. 

Final Thoughts

Hemp plant with flower and leaves

No matter how you choose to enjoy CBD flower, you will be reaping the benefits of the incredible cannabinoid without any worry of psychoactive effects. Whether you find yourself getting too anxious with regular weed or you simply don’t like the way it makes you feel, indulging in some CBD flower can be a totally transformative cannabis experience. 

Sit back, relax, and light up your CBD joint. Before you know it, you’ll be as relaxed as ever, completely content with the leisure that CBD flower can bring.

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