What Is CBD Coffee?

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Nowadays, you can find CBD in practically everything. As a compound that mixes easily and pairs well with most substances, CBD is finding its way into various drinks and foods, allowing for an easy way to enjoy your cherished cannabidiol. 

To give you both some pep in your step as well as relief in your joints, some CBD companies have actually started crafting CBD coffee. That’s right, your favorite cup of joe in the morning blends perfectly with CBD. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about this special infused drink.

Key takeaways:

  • Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant, and is federally legal under 0.3% THC (the intoxicating compound).
  • CBD coffee is simply coffee that has been infused with CBD extract.
  • With CBD’s anti-anxiety and mood-enhancing properties, many experience a soothing morning cup of coffee without any added jitters nor drowsiness. 
  • CBD coffee creates a great alternative for those with anxiety who need energy in the morning but cannot handle the levels that coffee itself brings. 
  • You can buy CBD coffee pre-made, either in individual beverages or in packaged ground coffee, or you can add a few drops of CBD oil to your regular coffee. 
  • Regardless of how you enjoy it, CBD coffee is sure to bring unique benefits your typical cup of joe could never.

What Is CBD Coffee?

Woman holding CBD infused coffee drinks
Photo: Jibby

CBD coffee is just as it sounds: coffee that’s been infused with CBD. Some brands choose to produce CBD-infused coffee grounds for multiple pours, while others produce single-use already-made coffee drinks like cold brew. Whether you’re wanting to brew some yourself or have your perfect blend already crafted, CBD can be infused into both. 

With coffee being as incredibly popular as it is, it only makes sense to pair the world’s favorite (or second favorite after THC?) cannabinoid with it. CBD itself is all-natural and boasts herbal, earthy notes. Paired within an all-natural coffee, these flavors create a tasty beverage that won’t leave you feeling overly jittery. 

Best enjoyed right at the start of the day, just like with your regular coffee, CBD coffee is quickly becoming many people’s go-to caffeine drink of choice. 

CBD Coffee Benefits and Effects

CBD infused coffee cups
CBD-infused coffee drink. Photo: Sträva

While the science is still fairly new, evidence is pointing toward CBD and coffee creating a soothing, uplifting way to enjoy your mornings.

Regular coffee–not decaf–is known for its energizing properties to help you get your day started. However, this can frequently come with unwanted jitters and tough energy crashes in the middle of the day. 

CBD Is Great for Anxiety, Even With Coffee

For those who are particularly plagued with anxiety, having a cup of coffee in the morning can create quite negative effects, beyond just your typical jitters. Sometimes, the caffeine within coffee can worsen anxiety, leaving many to rely on decaf coffee for flavor but no stimulating effects. Unfortunately, this still does nothing for those who still need that extra boost, despite their anxiety.

CBD coffee, then, might pose as the perfect solution. CBD has been scientifically examined for its anti-anxiety properties and assistance with other neuropsychiatric disorders. When combined with coffee, then, it seems as though CBD’s anti-anxiety properties and coffee’s stimulating effects may be able to cancel each other out. Together, many report feeling more soothed than ever, with a cup of coffee feeling more like a warm hug than an aggressive kick start.

CBD Coffee Can Really Enhance Your Mood

Though CBD is also known for its calming, somewhat sleepy effects, CBD coffee won’t have you feeling drowsy. Again, the relaxing properties and energizing qualities start to work together, creating a perfect middle ground of soothing and motivating. With CBD coffee, you simply don’t get the jitters of caffeine, nor the sedative effects of CBD. Instead, you’re left with a perfect cup of joe that not only tastes good but will have your mood enhanced and mind steady. What more could you ask for?

How You Should Drink CBD Coffee

Consuming CBD coffee is easy. As we mentioned, some brands have crafted full-bean coffee or coffee grounds infused with CBD oils; with these, all you have to do is brew it like your normal coffee and you’re all set. It’s really as simple as that. 

Drinking CBD coffee

If you just want a one-time try of this newfound stimulant, many brands offer already-made pre-filled drinks. Whether it’s in a can or a glass jar, these pre-crafted drinks come set with doses of CBD and delicious coffee blends. You can even find CBD cold-brew options if you’re looking for something stronger. 

Full-Spectrum, Broad-Spectrum and Isolate Oils: What’s the Difference?

But, in the case that you don’t want to purchase a whole new vat of coffee or pack of cold brew to try CBD coffee, you don’t have to. CBD is so versatile in the sense that you can actually add a few drops of your favorite CBD tincture directly into your coffee. While it won’t mix completely–simply because CBD is not water-soluble–its flavors will still blend seamlessly. Plus, you receive the same impressive effects as if you purchased pre-infused CBD coffee. 

If you’re looking for a good starting dose for your CBD coffee, we always suggest starting low. Beginning with a small dose like 5 mg. or so gives your body the perfect opportunity to get used to the effects of CBD coffee without being overwhelmed. And, if you don’t feel effects, try a higher dose!

Easily, our favorite CBD coffee comes from Green Roads and Kickback. Their hemp-infused ground coffee has undergone Nanotechnology to shrink CBD molecules, making them able to absorb into the bloodstream much easier than typical CBD coffee. This creates a fast-acting, potent CBD coffee that’s also incredibly delicious. 

Other Notable Benefits of a Daily CBD Routine

Infusing CBD into your daily routine can bring more benefits than you may think. In fact, consistent CBD use is the best way to fully reap the benefits of your cannabidiol-based product. 

The more frequently you enjoy CBD, the easier it is for it to build up in your system. As CBD consistently flows throughout the body, the benefits stay apparent. With CBD in your body, you’ll likely experience more constant feelings of balance, focus, and an enhanced mood. 

Frequently, people turn to adding CBD into their routines simply for an added boost of support. From head to toe, CBD is known to exhibit supportive, therapeutic properties that anyone would benefit from—and they’re much more apparent when CBD stays in the system. 

So, Is CBD Coffee as Effective as CBD Oils, Edibles, and Vaping?

If we directly compare CBD coffee to CBD oils, edibles, and vapes, then, no. Technically, CBD coffee is not going to be as effective as your typical CBD oil or even vape pen. Inhalation and sublingual application of CBD are two of the most efficacious ways to enjoy CBD, as they penetrate the bloodstream almost immediately. 

With CBD coffee, however, the CBD must go through quite the process to make it to your bloodstream and produce effects. By the time it is digested and distributed, many of the cannabinoids have been destroyed and, thus, potency is lowered. This is why edibles and drinkables have longer onset times for effects: they have a whole journey to make! 

But, just because it’s not as effective as other products doesn’t mean that CBD coffee isn’t effective. In fact, CBD coffee’s gentle potency is perfect for those who want to experience CBD but don’t want to feel overwhelmed by it. Easy to consume with long-lasting effects, CBD coffee is great in its own ways.

Final Thoughts

Though CBD coffee is still somewhat new in the cannabis world, this beverage is proving to be a game-changer for so many people. Whether you struggle to feel motivated in the morning, positive, or even calm, CBD coffee has the potential to help you with it all. All-natural, delicious, and medicinally beneficial, CBD coffee is proving to be the world’s best morning pick-me-up.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on September 10, 2020 and updated on October 2, 2022.