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Right now, the cannabis marketplace is one of the most competitive markets to get into. With so many companies aiming to be the next best thing, it’s nearly impossible to do so without a high-quality cannabis marketing agency to give you the boost of creativity you need. After all, weed is a lot like wine: if you don’t know much about it, you’ll go for it based on the label. So, you want your branding to be the best on the shelves.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top 22 best cannabis branding agencies to turn to when trying to propel your own cannabis brand. These agencies are composed of some of the brightest, most creative minds in the industry, and they have the portfolios to back it up. Keep in mind that over a hundred agencies focus on the cannabis space, so this list primarily features the ones that have worked with the biggest, most prominent brands. We also prioritized agencies with a personal and transparent bio that talks about their founders and the people behind their agency.

22 Best Cannabis Marketing Companies

Studio Linear

Studio Linear cannabis branding agency

Studio Linear is a mom-founded, women-owned powerhouse of a cannabis branding agency. This agency has worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry, including Seth Rogen’s own Houseplant trademark. Studio Linear’s creative vision is one that’s simply unbeatable, and they make working with them a complete breeze — even just their website will have you sold on the brand’s talented individuality. 

Awards: Broderson Award, Ganjapreneur Agency Spotlight, The Dieline and Graphic Design Awards

Popular Brands They’ve Worked With: Houseplant, Leune, Rebel Blends, Pufs, Butacake, Ganja Girls, Flora + Fauna CBD, Puff Herbals, Para

Services: Brand strategy & discovery, brand identity & messaging, brand visuals, package design, custom web design, copywriting, social media design, art direction, merch design

Offices: Santa Rosa Beach, FL and LA

Hybrid Marketing Co. 

Hybrid digital marketing company

Looking for full-service sales design and marketing in Colorado? Then Hybrid Marketing Co. is the agency for you. This cannabis-based branding agency is all about standing out from the crowd using high-touch, value-driven approaches for all their clients. Hybrid Marketing Co. represents the vigor of the cannabis industry as a whole — and they have all the services to help you out. 

Awards: Adweek Fastest Growing Agencies 2021, Best Branding Agencies in Denver 2021 by

Popular Brands They’ve Worked With: Lightshade, Sol Flower, Everest Cannabis Co., Leaf411, Botani, Mobius

Services: Rebranding, brand discovery, brand development, email marketing, marketing automation, SEO/Paid Search, web design and development, content development and copywriting, social media advertising and management, videography, photography, animation, B2C services, events and trade shows

Offices: Denver, Colorado

Budder Creative

Budder creative agency for cannabis industry

Budder Creative knows a thing or two about branding cannabis. This well-known advertising agency has worked with some of the most significant cannabis brands in the sphere, and they’re not slowing down any time. With over 20 years of branding experience between co-founders, Budder Creative is an agency you can trust. 

Popular Brands They’ve Worked With: Dosist, Haus of Jayne, Apothecanna, Debbie’s Dispensary, Jaunt, Cloud Cannabis Co.

Services: Branding, digital design, packaging, merchandising, retail design, trade shows & events, sourcing & production

Offices: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Green Street

Green St. cannabis marketing firm

Green Street is a brand house and full-service compliant creative agency that’s all about — you guessed it — cannabis. Green Street is co-owned by Gary Vaynerchuk and has been working its magic since 2013, and they’ve represented some of the biggest brands in the industry like Bhang and Cookies. If you’re in the LA area, this is a fantastic cannabis marketing agency to turn to for various services beyond just branding. 

Awards: x2 ADCANN Agency of the Year

Popular Brands They’ve Worked With: Bhang, Timeless, Cookies, Snoop Dogg, Dirty Heads, Hemper, Nexus, Eaze, AbsoluteXtracts, Satori, Grenco Science, Apothecanna, Dixie Elixirs, Care by Design

Services: Branding and re-branding, consumer touch-points, scalable executions, partnerships and licensing, regulatory compliance 

Offices: Los Angeles, California 

Wick & Mortar

Wick and Mortar cannabis marketing agency

From the get-go, Wick & Mortar’s website demonstrates its creative ingenuity and high-class style. The site is easy to work with and navigate, and the brand proudly demonstrates both its services and its impressive portfolio. Wick & Mortar is an award-winning, Seattle-based cannabis branding agency for a reason, and they’re ready to get started with you, too. 

Awards: Top 40 under 40 in Marijuana Venture Magazine, 2x Dope Industry Award Winners, ranked #193 by Entrepreneur 360, Global Packaging Award Winners, Clio Award winners for their documentary “A Humboldt Story.”

Popular Brands They’ve Worked With: Goldkine, Hitoki, Olswell, Harmony Farms, Dose, Rebel Spirit

Services: Branding, strategy, package design, packaging production, web design, photography, video production, advertising, consulting

Offices: Seattle, Washington

Puf Creativ 

Puf Creativ cannabis agency

Whether you’re looking for help with SEO, social media engagement, web design or something in between, Puf Creativ is a wonderful cannabis advertising agency to trust. Puf Creativ specializes in the cannabis and CBD sphere, helping brands elevate their ideas and bring visions to life. They’ve worked with some of the most well-known cannabis brands on the market today, and this award-winning agency is not stopping any time soon. 

Awards: 2020 ADCANN Cannabis Advertising Awards winner for Agency of the Year, 2020 ADCANN Marketer of the Year winner, 2021 ADCANN Agency of the Year winner, 2021 ADCANN Campaign of the Year winner

Popular Brands They’ve Worked With: My Bud Vase, Rebel Spirit, High Hemp, Connected Cannabis Co. 

Services: Branding and logo design, packaging and design, social media management, website design and development, mobile app design and development, SEO, photography and content creation, video production and animation, graphic design, dispensary email marketing 

Offices: Denver, Colorado 

Stoned Fox

Stoned Fox dispensary marketing agency

Stoned Fox is a premiere cannabis advertising agency that loves to step outside of the box. This brand is focused on bringing your cannabis ideas to life, no matter how cooky or strange. They’ve worked with some huge names in the cannabis industry, and you can find their larger-than-life vision on the labels of your go-to brands.  

Popular Brands They’ve Worked With: Circa 420, Shine 24K Papers, Stone Road, Marley Natural, Supreme Organics, Tonic, Garden Society, Soko, Quill, Proof CBD, Kana,

Services: Creative consulting, ad campaigns, billboard campaigns, video production, photography, event production, branding, packaging, labeling, Instagram marketing, cannabis influencers, logo design, web design, search engine ranking, article integration 

Offices: Los Angeles, California 

Cannabis Creative

Cannabis Creative advertising firm

Cannabis Creative marketing agency has one of the best, most useable sites out there. The brand’s website demonstrates firsthand that the team knows how to create clean, beautiful, and striking designs that simply, yet eloquently get their point across. With Cannabis Creative, you know exactly what the brand offers, who they work with, and how creative the team truly is. 

Awards: Top 25 cannabis digital marketing agencies in the U.S by Strain Insider, 2020 Hermes Creative Award for CBD E-commerce Web Design and Development, Web Marketing Association award 2021 for Advertising Online for a CBD Consumer Brand, 2022 Hermes Creative Gold Award for Best Electronic Media

Popular Brands They’ve Worked With: Hero Dose, Canna Companion, Emerald Grove, Lux Medi, Sanctuary 

Services: Brand identity, print and packaging design, website design and development, digital advertising and marketing strategy, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing and automation 

Offices: Newton, Massachusetts 


Potency cannabis advertising agency

The Potency agency is straightforward, simplistic, and exactly what every cannabis brand needs for their products. This agency has one of the best, cleanest websites on this list, and they have an impressive portfolio for all potential clients to look through. If you’re in Oregon or even the PNW in general, Potency is a brand to turn to for your canna-ideas.

Popular Brands They’ve Worked With: Select, Magic Hour Cannabis, Stem Wellness, Upward Cannabis Kitchen, Yerba Oregon

Services: Brand strategy, identity development, web design, dispensary design, marketing, and public relations

Offices: Portland, Oregon

High Hopes

High Hopes cannabis creative company

High Hopes is an extra-creative cannabis-focused branding agency that shows their vision right away through their striking website. Working with cannabis brands since 2016, High Hopes utilize their unique skills to help everyday brands stand out on dispensary shelves. If you’re in the San Diego or Seattle area, this agency wants to help your weed brand become the next best thing. 

Popular Brands They’ve Worked With: Kanha, Yummi Karma, Hyman, Nuvata, VidaCann, Wunder, Better Daze, Double Delicious, Quality Roots, Casa Verde Capital, Bespoke Financial 

Services: Branding, packaging, website design and maintenance, marketing and advertising

Offices: San Diego, California; Seattle, Washington 


Canna Planners cannabis marketing agency

CannaPlanners is the perfect cannabis marketing firm for those looking for a bright, upbeat vision to add to their craft. This agency is all about breaking down the stigma around cannabis and showing everyday consumers the beauty that can come from the plant. They’re also wholly focused on client empowerment and uplifting the industry through design. So, if these values align with yours, then CannaPlanners is the agency to turn to. 

Popular Brands They’ve Worked With: Farm Fresh Hemp Co., Uma Flowers, Treehouse Cannabis Company, Coyote River Hemp Co., Healer, Dreamt

Services: Web design and development, SEO, email marketing, logo design, product packaging design, dispensary marketing 

Offices: Burlington, Vermont

Blue Dream 

Blue Dream marijuana creative agency

As soon as you log onto Blue Dream’s website, you know you’re in for a treat. This website is bright, eye-catching, and lets you know right off the bat what kind of marketing and branding they’re all about. A product of Ganjapreneur, Blue Dream is focused on crafting unique, bold branding for the cannabis industry and beyond. Unfortunately, they don’t list a portfolio on their website. 

Popular Brands They’ve Worked With: Ganjapreneur

Services: Brand and identity, packaging and print, web design and development, creative content, B2B lead generation

Offices: Bellingham, Washington; Denver, Colorado

The Free Agency Co. 

Cannabis marketing company based in Portland

The Free Agency Co. is all about having your own freedom and creative power to go in the direction you want — just with a little help from the experts. This well-run cannabis branding agency has worked with various popular brands, some cannabis-related and some not, which simply proves the brand’s credibility and creative vision. 

Popular Brands They’ve Worked With: Lowell Farms, District Edibles, Nature Valley, Willie’s Reserve, Kettle Chips, Wana,

Services: Experiential marketing, field marketing, mobile marketing tours, retail promotions, product launches & sampling

Offices: Denver, Colorado 


Petalfast cannabis advertising company

Beyond advertising and marketing, Petalfast is a full-spectrum growth agency that’s dedicated to helping you launch your cannabis ventures — no matter what they may be. The agency’s website is straightforward and gives you all the information you need, as well as additional resources in case you still have questions or concerns. 

Popular Brands They’ve Worked With: Bhang, Bloom, Cali Select, Kuda, Ocean Cannabis Co., Yada Yada, Artet, Apex, Slimmies

Services: Sales and distribution, marketing and retail, field marketing and trade engagement, delivery platform, new market expansion

Offices: Irvine, California 


KindTyme advertising agency for cannabis companies

We’ll be honest, KindTyme’s website is a little bit, well, busy. But, they have a lot to show for and a lot they want to get across — and understandably so! KindTyme’s marijuana marketing agency has worked with some huge brands in the weed industry, and they offer all sorts of media, marketing, and design services to help out your brand, too. 

Popular Brands They’ve Worked With: Apollo Grown, Oath Insurance, Capital Cannabis, 7 Point Law, Direct Cannabis Network, Tonic, Ario Vape

Services: Design, marketing, media

Offices: Portland, Oregon 


Qonkur marijuana advertising agency

Qonkur’s website is that of a typical marketing agency; but if you dive deeper, you’ll see they place a huge emphasis on cannabis and cannabis branding. In fact, Qonkur has worked with some big names in the industry, putting them well on the map for those looking for reliable cannabis branding in Michigan. 

Awards: 2021 Top Digital Marketing Agency, 2021 Best Cannabis Speciality Marketing Agency, 2021 Michigan’s Finest Branding Agency, 2022 Best Social Media Marketing Agencies in Detriot, 2022 Faces of Cannabis Marketing winner

Popular Brands They’ve Worked With: House of Dank, GreenPharm, Classic Roots Farm, Turtle Pie Co., Breeze, Cloud Cannabis Co., MKX, Herbology Cannabis Co.

Services: 4D Motion Graphics, apparal, billboards, branding influencers, packaging, SEO, social media, video production, website design 

Offices: Ferndale, Michigan 

Fire Creative

Fire Creative agency for CBD and Cannabis companies

Fire Creative is exactly what you need from a simple yet hardworking branding agency. This Seattle-based company isn’t the most extravagant with their website, but they make up for it with their impressive portfolio and high-quality resources. 

Popular Brands They’ve Worked With: Uncle Ike’s, Walla Walla Cannabis Company, CannaSol Farms, Unaflora, Dama

Services: Branding, content, strategy, creativity 

Offices: Seattle, Washington 


Cannabis advertising agency based in New York

Pheno is on a mission to create a more equitable and sustainable industry. Founded by a dynamic duo in 2019, this New York based company works intimately with cannabis brands and businesses alike, providing branding services, advertising services, impactful partnerships and more. The best part? Pheno is a certified woman-owned business.

Popular Brands They’ve Worked With: PharmaCann, Kikoko, Oaksterdam University, GreenSpace, Reimagine Wellness, Mannada, Evergreen Herbal, and All Better Co.

Services: Advertising and marketing

Offices: New York, New York


Mattio Communications PR firm for cannabis industry

Mattio is a lifestyle and cannabis PR firm that understands the complexities of the cannabis industry firsthand. This agency has worked with various brands from the ground up, helping them to become the thriving, flourishing canna-companies they are today. 

Awards: PR Agency of the Year by Business Intelligence Group, Best Places to Work by PR Week, 2022 Best PR Firms in New York City by, 15 Powerful and Innovative Women in Cannabis by Forbes, Top 10 Most Effective Cannabis PR Firms by Green Market Report, Recognized by Inc. 5000 as one of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies in 2021/22

Popular Brands They’ve Worked With: Auntie Aloha, CannaClusive, Cloud Cannabis Co., Nugg Club, Wyld

Services: Media relations, investor relations, social media, thought leadership, influencer marketing, events production, SEO, crisis communications 

Offices: New York, New York; Los Angeles, California 


Trailblaze cannabis public relations firm

Trailblaze is not your typical PR company, as they state themselves. This brand is all about doing things differently, and not looking at marketing through just a cannabis-colored lens. Instead, Trailblaze aims to build storytelling layers for their clients, creating something they call “cultural currency.”  

Popular Brands They’ve Worked With: Bimble, Canopy Growth, Foria, Martha Stewart CBD, Mooselabs, Queen City Hemp, B Great, Biosteel CBD, First & Free CBD, Storz & Bickel, Tilt Holdings, Gram x Gram, Arcadia Biosciences, AB InBev, Blackbird, Pepsico

Services: Public relations, communications campaigns, product launch

Offices: New York City, New York 


NisonCo cannabis public relations firm

NisconCo was rated one of the top cannabis PR firms five years in a row, and they plan to keep this winning streak going. They’ve worked with over 150 cannabis companies since establishing back in 2013, and NisonCo’s goal has always been to create long-lasting, trusting relationships with their clients. 

Popular Brands They’ve Worked With: High Times, Whoopi & Maya, Green Roads, CCELL, The Green Organic Dutchman, Tikun, Bluebird Botanicals, Moxie, Vicente Sederberg, Fat Buddha Glass, Brightfield Group 

Services: PR services, investor relations, content marketing, email marketing, social media and influencer marketing, programmatic advertising, and SEO

Offices: Brooklyn, New York 


Mattio Fiore cannabis design agency

Mattio+Fiore are a brand-new California-based cannabis marketing agency that’s working hard to make a name for themselves in the growing industry. This agency is definitely still creating its roots, but based on their website and big-name testimonals already, we can almost guarantee that Mattio+Fiore will be well-known soon. 

Popular Brands They’ve Worked With: N/A

Services: Growth marketing strategy, paid media, email + SMS, creative, affiliate, SEO, social media management, media relations, and influencer marketing

Offices: Venice, CA

Final Thoughts

When looking for a good cannabis marketing agency, you want to make sure you pay attention to who their clients are, if they’re transparent about who they work with, and if they have a personal story to tell. After all, a brand without a story is a company without a path, and branding agencies are all about storytelling. Every one of the cannabis branding agencies on this list is high-quality, trustworthy, and has the uniquely creative vision you may need to further your own cannabis brand.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on August 27, 2022, and last updated on March 20, 2022 to include a few additional agencies.