Scientific Advisor

Tanja Bagar, PhD

Tanja Bagar, PhD, is the co-founder, CEO and Chairman of the Expert Council of the ICANNA International Institute for Cannabinoids. She lectures in microbiology, biochemistry and topics on ecology at the Faculty Alma Mater Europaea and is a lecturer for medical staff and patients at several international education programs on cannabinoids. Dr. Bagar is the author of The Hemp Medicine: How Hemp Helps with Pain, Rheumatism, Cancer and Stress, and she is also the co-founder of an online consulting clinic for the medical use of cannabinoids.

Education & Certifications

  • PhD, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Ljubljana
  • BS, Microbiology, University of Ljubljana
  • She has completed an intensive four-week e-education program Concepts of Cannabis Science I, carried out by Kenevir Research (Oregon, USA), and also a follow-up program Concepts of Cannabis Science II


  • Received special recognition from the Slovenian Microbiological Society for participation in the promotion of microbiology
  • Invitation to become an honorary member of the social cooperatives KonopKo
  • Received the Preseren-Prize for her bachelor thesis
  • Received a reward for talented students during her graduate studies of microbiology at the Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana
  • Was awarded the Krka reward for special achievements in the field of research
  • Was awarded the municipality golden plaquette for the successful completion of her doctoral thesis
  • Nominated for the Slovene Woman of the Year award in 2023

Professional Accomplishments

  • Author of The Hemp Medicine: How Hemp Helps with Pain, Rheumatism, Cancer and Stress (published in German and Slovene and soon to be published in English and Croatian)
  • Co-founder of Cannabinoid Clinic, an online consulting clinic for the medical use of cannabinoids
  • Member of the first group in Slovenia to use cannabinoids in an outpatient consultative setting



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