Mixing CBD and alcohol drinks

The Low-down On Mixing CBD and Alcohol

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As cannabidiol grows in popularity, people are exploring new ways to take CBD. It was only a matter of time before enterprising bartenders began experimenting with CBD and alcohol. CBD cocktails are having a major moment right now, along with CBD beers and wine. But is mixing the two safe?

Before you dose that cocktail or glass of wine with your favorite CBD oil, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with how the combo will affect you. We’ll cover the basics here from how CBD and booze interact in your system vs marijuana and alcohol to the types of cannabis-infused libations you’re likely to encounter.


  • Mixing CBD with alcohol is fine. It won’t get you high but will amplify the way you feel the effects of both substances.
  • Because of this, it’s best to stick to 1-2 drinks depending on your weight, size, and tolerance levels.
  • Anecdotal reports say that CBD may help alleviate hangover symptoms and help with symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.

Can I Mix CBD and Alcohol? 

The short answer is yes! But there are a few things to know before you order up a CBD cocktail. Cannabidiol or CBD doesn’t share the same psychoactive effects as tetrahydrocannabinol, aka THC, the compound in marijuana that makes you high. People use CBD for a variety of reasons. Studies indicate it can help treat pain, aid insomnia, anxiety, epilepsy, and other conditions. Mixing CBD or hemp with alcohol amplifies its relaxing effects.

CBD oil works best in cocktails, but you can also pick up pre-made products – check out the list at the bottom of the article for our CBD wine and beer recommendations.

These Are The Effects of Taking CBD and Alcohol Together

As we touched upon, adding CBD to alcohol or taking the two within a short period boosts the effects of both. Some folks might feel more relaxed, others might start feeling sleepy. In high dosages, this mix can also affect your motor skills – something that doesn’t occur when taking CBD by itself.

Alcohol is classified as a depressant, which amongst other things, lowers inhibitions. It’s best to exercise caution when you mix alcohol and CBD, especially if you’re new to cannabidiol products.

CBD Might Help Prevent Hangovers

In an ideal world, there’d be no such thing as hangovers. We can all agree, they’re absolutely awful. While there’s not been much research exploring how CBD may prevent hangovers, there is a wealth of anecdotal evidence supporting the possibility that cannabidiol can lessen the painful aftermath of a night of heavy drinking.

There’s also a great deal of evidence that CBD can be used to help treat alcoholism and alcohol withdrawal. Studies are ongoing, but based on CBD users’ personal experiences, things look promising.

This is How to Safely Mix CBD and Alcohol

Different folks will react differently to the combination, and it’s important to be responsible when mixing the two. Keep your CBD dosage low, and don’t overdo it with the drinks. One to two CBD-infused drinks (depending on your weight, height, and tolerance) is enough to help you take the edge off without getting totally wrecked.

What About Weed and Alcohol?

While you’ll see CBD cocktails on bar menus, you won’t see drinks with THC, even in states where marijuana has been legalized. It’s illegal to sell THC-infused alcohol products. So-called weed wines or beers are non-alcoholic. Instead, they contain THC and will get you high. They can range anywhere from 10mg (for beer) to 40mg (for wine, which works out to about 10mg per glass).

While some people can handle it, in terms of mixing weed and alcohol, the general advice is don’t do it. Drinking booze then hitting a joint can amplify the effects of the weed, potentially making you feel sweaty, nauseous, give you the spins, and make you vomit. Just saying, this is not a nice feeling. If you’re not a regular weed user, you may be more susceptible to some of the side effects of getting crossfaded.

Between the two, there are fewer long-term negative effects to toking from time to time compared to drinking booze. While each substance can give you a buzz, over time, uncontrolled alcohol consumption can cause many health problems including brain and liver damage, certain cancers, heart problems, and lead to malnutrition. The long-term effects of marijuana use are still being studied but can include apathy, memory recall, and in some cases, can increase the risk of schizophrenia.

The takeaway? Moderation in all things. And if you’re worried about how THC might affect you, sticking to CBD is a safer option.

Can Marijuana Help Protect Your Liver?

Alcohol causes inflammation in the body. Both CBD and THC have anti-inflammatory properties and scientists have begun to study the possibility of these cannabinoids’ potential to help protect the liver. Some of these early studies have indicated that cannabinoids like CBD and THC may reduce some of the damage done to the liver by poor diets or excessive drinking. While more research is needed, cannabis and cannabinoids like CBD may help slow down liver inflammation and could one day be used as a treatment for inflammatory liver conditions.

CBD-Infused Beer & Wine to Try

You can add a dose of CBD oil to your beer or wine if you wanted to, however, it would change the beverage’s respective flavor profiles. This is especially true with certain carrier oils like hemp and coconut. If you want to enjoy a glass of vino or an ice-cold beer with CBD, check out some of the options available on the market. New products hit the shelves all the time and may contain either hemp or cannabis-derived CBD. Here are a few you may want to check out.

CBD-infused Wines

CBD-infused Beers

CBD Cocktails To Make At Home

CBD has a fairly distinctive earthy flavor. If you want to mix up a CBD cocktail at home to help you unwind at the end of the day, you’ll want to look for complementary ingredients. Vodka, gin, tequila, and mezcal all make good spirit bases. Citrus is always a winner, as is ginger. To get you started, try adding a (low) dose of CBD to cocktails like a Margarita, Paloma, G&T, Cosmo, Moscow Mule, Martini, or Negroni. And don’t worry, we’ll be mixing up a few recipes to share with you in the near future. 

As long as they’re enjoyed responsibly, there’s no reason you can knock back a CBD-infused tipple from time to time. We’ll say cheers to that!