What Are CBD Bath Bombs?

CBD bath bomb
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We’ve all seen those colorful fizzy balls on Instagram turning people’s bathwater into random colors. These are bath bombs, and they’re beauty products that are quickly becoming a staple in everyone’s at-home spa routines.

Now, we’re beginning to see the popularization of CBD bath bombs in the health and wellness industry. Every day, these special bath products are gaining traction for various reasons, more than just experiencing a rainbow bath. (Though, that’s a pretty cool side effect, too.)


  • CBD bath bombs are your typical baking soda-based bath bombs that have been infused with CBD. 
  • CBD does not get you high like THC, these are marijuana-free luxury products and federally legal under 0.3% THC
  • CBD is known for its benefits on the skin, helping to improve softness and repair damage. This absorption results in full-bodied relaxation and feelings of calm. 
  • With CBD bath bombs, the CBD molecules are released into the bathwater, pair to the skin, and absorb into pores–not the bloodstream. 
  • CBD bath bombs can help with myriad skin conditions, as well as problems with muscle and joint pain. 
  • Simply place one in your bathwater after it’s been run, get in, and enjoy the effects these fizzy bombs bring.

What Are CBD Bath Bombs?

Typical bath bombs are made from baking soda, a substance that creates the signature dissolving, fizzy reaction when it hits the water. Each bath bomb contains different aromas and unique colors that directly bleed into the bathwater itself. The result is a vibrant bath that doesn’t stain you nor your tub, but leaves you feeling like you’re bathing in total luxury. 

Using CBD bath bomb in shower

CBD bath bombs, then, are bath bombs that have been infused with CBD extract. As the bath bombs hit the water, the CBD molecules are released and eventually grab onto the skin. They are absorbed into your skin’s pores–not into the bloodstream–which results in relaxing, soothing feelings that your typical bath bomb cannot produce. 

How CBD Bath Bombs Can Help Your Condition

Whether you’ve got chronic dry skin or your body is aching after a long day of work, CBD bath bombs may be the best place for you to turn. 

These bubbling beauties have been known to help with those suffering from conditions like eczema and psoriasis, as well as muscle and joint pains that aren’t easily treated. They’ve also shown to be beneficial for those with dry, itchy skin, as well as inflamed or red patches, as the CBD’s gentle effects target pores directly. 

While these bath bombs won’t make these conditions go away entirely, they can bring significant relief and relaxation that makes it all the more manageable. 

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Just exactly how do these CBD bath bombs act better than typical ones, though? 

As we mentioned, the molecules absorb into your pores. Though it does not go into the bloodstream and thus does not penetrate deep into the body, it creates surface-level effects that are incredibly beneficial in and of themselves. 

CBD bath bombs have been known to help with skin softness and moisturization. CBD, in general, boasts skin-calming properties that help with even the most sensitive areas, effectively resulting in hydration, repair, and even pain relief. So, when added into bath bombs, these properties are released directly into your bath. 

Thus, those who enjoy CBD-filled baths often report feeling full-body relaxation, especially within the muscles, and overall feelings of calm and balance. The aromas that come from the CBD paired with the bath bomb’s essential oils results in an extremely tranquil, welcoming experience that your mind and body will love. 

It is important to note that the way that CBD dissolves and spreads so vastly throughout the bath does result in a less potent result than if you directly rubbed a different CBD topical onto your skin. However, the gentle results are more than enough to result in a zen, spa-like experience right in your own home. 

Where to Buy CBD Bath Bombs

With how popular they are becoming, CBD bath bombs may be easier to find than you’d think. Nowadays, many CBD companies have started crafting their all-natural bath bombs, infusing herbal scents that blend perfectly with CBD’s herbaceous notes. 

Simply check-in with your favorite CBD brand and see if they’ve dipped their toes into the world CBD bath bombs yet. If not, there are myriad reputable companies for you to rely on; just make sure you research to ensure their ingredients are quality and you align with their standards. 

Purchasing CBD bath bombs is easy, and using them is even easier. Once you have your CBD bath bombs in-hand, all you need to do is run a bath as normal. After the bath has finished running, place your bath bomb into the water and let it do its thing. You can easily relax inside the bath as it’s dissolving, soaking up all of the smells and reaping all of the benefits that CBD offers — a couple of brands to check out include Wink CBD, Sugar and Kush, Joy Organics, and many others!

Final Thoughts

CBD bath bombs are easily some of the best ways to enjoy the benefits of CBD while simultaneously indulging in some serious self-care. Self-care and cannabis go hand-in-hand, and these CBD bath bombs can show you that directly. 

So, the next time you want to treat yourself a little bit and experience some luxury at home, try experimenting with a CBD bath bomb. These relaxing fizzy treats can completely enhance the way you take your baths, leaving you feeling more rejuvenated and refreshed than ever.