Microdosing CBD: A Non-Psychoactive Strategy to Navigate COVID-19

Microdosing cannabis CBD
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Designed to help you get the most consistent, effective benefits of CBD, microdosing is an incredibly low-dose method of consumption that’s rapidly gaining traction within the health and wellness world. As a way of enjoying CBD that is not only easy but extremely efficacious, microdosing is closely being looked at into its benefits for other potential health complications or wellness-related issues. 

Recently, interest has been sparked between utilizing this non-psychoactive strategy to help navigate the stress and uncertainty that the COVID-19 epidemic has created. With serious potential for aid and support, microdosing CBD might be our best way of feeling like ourselves again.

First Glance

  • Microdosing CBD is a consumption method gaining traction in the wellness industry.
  • Microdosing allows us to break down our normal dosage of CBD into smaller doses throughout the day. 
  • This allows for the CBD to work in our systems continuously, and we aren’t left feeling its benefits disappear as the day goes on. 
  • Microdosing CBD cannot cure COVID-19, but it can provide internal balance for achieving optimal health.
  • Microdosing CBD consistently can help your body continually feel its best providing the ultimate support and comfort it needs during this time.

What is CBD Microdosing?

The act of microdosing CBD refers to consuming several low doses of CBD throughout the course of your day, rather than one dose at the start or one at the end.

When you just take one dose of CBD as your day begins, those effects will be potent right off the bat, but will continuously wear off as the day progresses. In a nutshell, CBD works to help your body regulate the endocannabinoids it needs within the body’s natural endocannabinoid system (ECS) to maintain homeostasis; microdosing, then, allows for this regulation throughout the day.

While science is still a bit unsure, research is suggesting that this kind of consumption can then help our bodies produce these endocannabinoids on their own.

Microdose of cannabis

However, microdosing CBD almost entirely combats this issue. When you break up your regular dose into, let’s say, four doses instead of one, once that first dose starts to subside, it’ll be time for the next one. This way, your body never goes without what it needs to feel stable, and this stability is able to be more consistent, with or without CBD. 

Why Microdose CBD?

Microdosing CBD has been touted to help with positive mood regulation, boosting creativity, and even enhancing workout sessions, offering a promising alternative to the use of certain prescription drugs or full CBD doses to achieve maximum benefits and minimum side effects.

CBD flower plant

CBD hosts a variety of health benefits and may provide help with issues such as pain management, insomnia, cardiovascular diseases, and even smoking cessation. Additionally, CBD may offer relief for those with psychiatric issues including depression, anxiety, ADHD, and PTSD. For athletes, CBD may help reduce muscle pain, speed up recovery after a strenuous workout, and boost overall performance.

Microdosing allows the body to absorb CBD in a more stable manner and maintain consistent endocannabinoid levels over a longer period of time, allowing you to reap the benefits for longer. 

Taking smaller doses also prevents the onset of CBD tolerance and of certain side effects such as drowsiness and irritability. Certainly, there are a variety of techniques for microdosing, from taking small doses throughout the day to taking doses once every few days. However, your response to CBD depends greatly on individual factors such as age, weight, pre-existing conditions, and more.

How Does Microdosing Help with COVID-19?

What we currently know about microdosing has led researchers to believe that this low-dose, non-psychoactive strategy may be key in helping us operate through this epidemic. Though CBD in and of itself cannot cure or prevent you from actually having the Coronavirus, the qualities that the cannabinoid has can make dealing with the residual effects a whole lot easier.

CBD plant leaf on top of a mask

Specifically, CBD is known to help regulate our bodies’ main stress hormone, cortisol, allowing us to not only feel calmer, but help us better control our stress responses in the future, as well. Right now, every one of us is facing unparalleled stress, and even the tiniest bit of relief can be incredibly beneficial. 

Through microdosing our CBD, the calm that we feel from our tinctures or gummies won’t only be prevalent in the morning or right before bed, but all day long. With this bit of relief, tackling our to-do lists, setting goals, and just simply working through our daily lives feels much less overwhelming, and a lot more normal. 

Achieving Optimal Health with CBD

There has also been evidence that cannabidiol works effectively with our brain’s neurotransmitters, often resulting in a bit of a boost in mood and mental clarity. 

During such an uncertain time, most of us are plagued by thoughts of the unknown and the “what if’s,” but granting our mind and body just a few doses of CBD throughout the day may be able to help these racing thoughts subside – especially when microdosed.

With the homeostasis that CBD often provides comes full-body feelings of stability and harmony. Stability, especially during a time like this, can be integral in helping us stay driven, as well as keep us at our healthiest. Studies have shown that when our bodies experience homeostasis, being able to fight off mild illnesses is easier, and our immune systems are boosted. 

While this, in and of itself, cannot prevent COVID-19, it puts us on the right health and wellness track; we feel better and, therefore, are inclined to continue making the healthfullest choices. 

Microdosing CBD: Step by Step According to Science

As mentioned, microdosing CBD simply means taking smaller, more frequent doses in place of a single, larger dose. In order to ensure your body can absorb CBD in a more stable manner, below are a helpful few steps to take in starting your microdosing journey.

Microdosing CBD oil
  1. Do not take any CBD for 48 hours while exercising and maintaining a healthy diet.
  2. Ask yourself on a scale of 1 to 10: How calm is my body feeling? How easy is it to smile with gratitude? How is your breathing? Record your scores. 
  3. Take one milligram of CBD and wait 30-45 minutes. Then, ask the above questions again and document any score changes. You may repeat this process over the next four days and increase if needed, until you feel a difference.

These steps not only help allow the body to maintain more consistent and balanced levels of endocannabinoids throughout the day, but they can also help us enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD for a longer period of time. 

Staying Safe and Staying Consistent 

The most important thing to take from microdosing CBD, as well as enjoying CBD in any capacity, is staying safe. 

We never want to give our bodies more CBD than it needs, as it can have slightly adverse reactions that’ll ruin our experience entirely. Microdosing is ideal in this capacity, as we’re not only starting low, but staying at low doses, too. It’s important not to be consuming CBD every hour of the day, but instead finding a good way to effectively divvy up our regular dose to maybe or three or four times a day. 

Along with staying safe, staying consistent with our microdosage and timing is key to giving us the best results possible. This allows for the consistent “build-up” of cannabidiol, helping our bodies achieve and maintain internal balance. 

Navigating COVID-19 may seem impossible, but we believe you just haven’t tried microdosing yet.