CBD Hand Sanitizer and More: COVID is Good for the Cannabis Industry

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The world is doing everything we can to adjust to these strange circumstances that the COVID-19 virus has brought across the globe. Though the pandemic has undoubtedly brought a lot of stress and unfortunate scenarios, we’ve also seen some good come out of all this chaos, too. 

Specifically, the cannabis industry has been benefitting during the outbreak, creating products that give people added reassurance, peace of mind, or even just a little bit of support we could all use right now. With the creation of things like CBD hand sanitizer and hemp face masks, the cannabis industry is helping us take control of our health and feel more stable in such an unstable time. 

Here’s what you need to know:

  • COVID-19 has influenced a number of wellness industries to harness health.
  • CBD has yet to be proven as a cure, but many have looked to the cannabinoid for relief.
  • Questions raised about the medicinal properties found in plant varieties such as cannabis.
  • There are number of recommended CBD products for maximizing the safety against.

COVID’s Impact on the Health and Wellness Industry

In a more general sense, the health and wellness industry is doing quite well during the COVID-19 outbreak as people are looking for ways to live their healthiest, happiest lives in spite of all this. So, health supplements, workout crazes, and specialized diets have all been on the rise lately–anything that could help us feel even just a bit more comfortable. 

Along with various other treatments and support that the health and wellness industry offers, we’re also seeing a huge increase in CBD sales. Right now, people across the country are turning towards trying CBD products for the first time in hopes of experiencing relief in some manner. Whether it be a decrease in stress or a boost of mental clarity, CBD’s therapeutic effects are proving extremely helpful during a time like this. 

The Rise of CBD Hand Sanitizer and Hemp Face Masks

One of the biggest ways that the cannabis industry is thriving during this pandemic is through the manufacturing and sales of CBD-infused hand sanitizer and face masks made from hemp.

CBD infused hand sanitizer
Hand sanitizer infused with 50mg CBD and 50mg CBG. Photo: Lumi Bloom

As you can probably deduce from the name, CBD hand sanitizer is hand sanitizer infused with small doses of cannabidiol. With CBD’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, adding a bit of CBD into a product such as these, during a time such as this one, simply makes sense. Most people are aware of cannabidiol’s pain-relieving and stress-reducing properties, so why not attempt to experience these things while also cleaning your hands free of harmful bacteria? That’s the idea, at least. 

As the requirement for face masks becomes more apparent each day, manufacturers are also working diligently to create fabric face masks out of hemp. The hemp plant contains natural anti-bacterial properties and has extremely durable fibers, making it an obvious option for material for protective face masks. Not to mention, these masks are completely organic and biodegradable, so you can utilize them practically guilt-free. 

But, are these CBD sanitizers and face masks any better than regular ones?

When it comes to the CBD hand sanitizer, it doesn’t appear to be miles above the rest; though, there are some clear benefits.

Most CBD companies don’t rely on any international outsourcing for their products, especially from China. Since they’re not relying on cheap, bulk products from elsewhere, you can definitely notice a difference in packaging and materials. 

On its own, CBD cannot be rubbed on your hands and kill bacteria; it only has antibacterial properties. Also, despite the many touting claims of the cannabinoid being a cure, it also has not yet been scientifically proven to be a preventative remedy for COVID-19.

But, when paired with ingredients like ethanol, the cannabinoid is able to work more synergistically, targeting not only bacteria, but more deep-seated issues, as well. Able to give your hands a soft, rejuvenated feeling unlike any hand sanitizer, the various other benefits on top of what regular hand sanitizer can do is what makes this product so unique.

Again, this CBD-infused hand sanitizer itself isn’t anything to write home about, but the prospect of having such holistic relationships is exciting and extremely comforting. 

While we can’t apply a few drops of CBD hand sanitizer or wear a hemp mask and feel like we’ve conquered the virus, these products can give us some layers of added security that we could all use right now.

Where can you buy CBD hand sanitizers and face masks?

If your interest has been piqued by these protective products, you can find some high-quality CBD hand sanitizer from reputable companies like Medterra or CBD Living. Other companies like Rawganique sell beautifully made reusable hemp masks for people of all ages. 

Final Thoughts

Again, it’s crucial to stress that these products, nor any health and wellness products, are not going to cure you or prevent you from being exposed to COVID-19. Rather, they’re made to grant us added peace of mind during these uncertain times. They can help us destroy bacteria while keeping our hands soft and lowering inflammation; they can filter the air we breathe and give us reassurance when venturing out in public. 

All in all, the cannabis industry is continuing to show its true colors, always putting their customers, and our health and wellness, first. 

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