4 Ways CBD is Changing the World

Hemp CBD plant
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There’s a reason Cannabidiol (CBD) is all over the news right now. In practically every health and wellness store, every progressive article, and even inside your grandma’s medicine cabinet, you’ll find something pertaining to CBD. There’s a reason for this!

CBD is quite literally changing the world as we know it. In more ways than one (four, in our case), this beneficial cannabinoid is creating an impact on not only our minds and bodies, but the environment and sustainability as a whole, as well.

First Glance:

  • CBD provides an all-natural option for therapeutic benefits that doesn’t contain any foreign additives or chemicals. 
  • CBD can be derived from hemp which is an extremely sustainable resource that can effectively reduce greenhouse gases and purify the air and ground.
  • Cannabidiol can be infused into almost anything, making it super versatile for all people regardless of preferences.
  • The medicinal potential of CBD is incredible and, once more is known, it has the ability to change how we see medicine entirely.

4: CBD Provides an All-Natural Option

When it comes to therapeutic remedies and helpful treatments, they’re not always as natural as you might like. Even some of the most gentle medications can be full of strange, unpronounceable ingredients that you don’t want to be putting in your body. CBD, on the other hand, comes straight from Mother Earth.

Hemp CBD flower

CBD is derived from either the hemp or marijuana plant, both of which are completely natural botanicals. During cultivation, some plants may be exposed to pesticides or heavy metals within the soil, however, quality CBD companies will go through the steps to rid their product of all of this. Thus, the result is a totally pure CBD extract that you can trust.

This purity is something that we’re simply not used to seeing within the health and wellness world. Society has become accustomed to consuming whatever you’re told, not paying attention to the actual substances you’re putting in your body. With CBD, though, you’re taking your health back into your own hands and giving your body only the best of the best, the purest of the pure.  

3: CBD Can Be Derived From Hemp, an Extremely Sustainable Source

Along with being derived from cannabis, as we mentioned, you can also extract CBD from the hemp plant. Hemp is one of the world’s most useful crops, and it is an incredibly sustainable source to grow. 

Hemp takes very little water and land to be cultivated. It grows incredibly quickly and in large quantities, all while demonstrating impressive carbon sequestration: hemp has the ability to absorb 15 tonnes of CO2 per hectare. This is more than any tree or industrial crop on the market. With this, hemp can reduce greenhouse gas levels at miraculous, world-changing rates. 

Even as it is grown, hemp works to purify the soil and even reproduces its nutrients right back into the earth it is planted in. This helps solidify healthy soil that’s great for farming crops and prevents soil erosion that directly affects produce. Whether in the ground or harvested, the very plant that CBD comes from can provide incredible benefits for our world.

2: CBD Can Be Infused in Almost Everything 

There’s hardly a more versatile substance than CBD. This supportive cannabinoid can be infused into almost anything, from foods to drinks to capsules and topicals. With this, the substance can appeal to a wide range of people. Regardless of age, demographic, or medical complication, CBD can be accessible for almost everyone. 

If you don’t want to smoke it, you don’t have to. If you want to digest it, you can and in so many different forms, too. If you don’t want to digest it at all, you have CBD-infused products that avoid that entirely. You truly have the option of enjoying CBD infused into whatever makes you most comfortable–even just your glass of water. 

What other substance can do that?

1: CBD’s Medicinal Potential Could be Life-Changing

In general, CBD’s medicinal potential is taking the world of medicine by storm. This substance is providing insight into so many different factors, while also opening the door to opportunity for more research and further education. 

Right now, CBD has only been FDA approved to be utilized within one actual drug, however, there is a huge chance that this will change with more research. CBD is a substance that is not only healthy for you to consume, but so much easier to produce than your typical NSAID. This would save the medical world a significant amount of money and offer patients a non-psychoactive option that has little negative side effects and is easy to consume.

We’ve seen CBD do incredible things for so many different people. These aren’t instances to sweep under the rug: this is what CBD can do! With more research, CBD’s medicinal potential will only become clearer. 

Final Thoughts: Only the Beginning

At the end of the day, all of this is only the start to understanding CBD and what it can do. Day after day, CBD is completely changing the world as we know it, effectively giving people everywhere options to a substance that is not only natural, but easy to enjoy in so many forms.

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